The episode “Treading Water” of Impulse Revisionism is particularly captivating. It delves into Henry’s uncontrollable teleportation powers, sheds light on the challenges of bad single mothers who struggle to raise their children who might not survive in society, and also addresses the unsettling topic of school lockdowns.

The story “Treading Water” opens with Henry’s powers spiraling out of control, much like strolling down a street where every night light post you pass extinguishes.

In this episode, Jenna and Townes devise some unconventional strategies after Henry inadvertently wrecks the restroom after a panic attack and teleportation. Jenna opts for a quick escape before anyone arrives, a practical choice. On the other hand, Townes suggests the risky idea of falsely claiming it was a bomb, which could attract federal authorities and escalate the situation.

Henry can see through her mom’s problems and deceit. Recognizing Cleo’s selfishness, Henry understands that her mother prioritizes boyfriends over her own child. Additionally, Henry realizes that she’s the one who continually pays for Cleo’s errors. Moreover, Cleo falsely accuses Henry of infidelity when, in fact, it’s Cleo who indulges in promiscuity and partying. Finally, Henry opens up about her troubled relationship with her mother, hoping to endure the challenges ahead.

This episode reveals that Henry struggles with interpersonal issues. She turns away from her mom, only to confront an insurmountable obstacle. However, certain problems cannot be evaded and must be confronted head-on.

Sebine, the name of Dominic’s wife, carries an intriguing quality. It evokes the image of someone, possibly a compassionate stranger, who might visit a dying woman out of genuine care and concern.

There’s something unsettling about this broadcast: the school Principal strictly follows a manual but lacks the knowledge to effectively handle a bomb scare by evacuating or initiating a lockdown. Unfortunately, it seems there may be more lockdowns in the future due to the increasing prevalence of mass shooters.

In the intriguing episode “Treading Water,” we witness Henry grappling with her erratic teleportation abilities, drawing attention to the situation of bad single mothers who face challenges in raising their children who might not survive society, and shedding light on the unsettling issue of school lockdowns. This episode manages to skillfully interweave these elements into a thought-provoking narrative.

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