“The White House Plumbers,” on HBO, centers on a single message: Politics is a dirty game. It delves into the intricate world of politics, drawing parallels to figures like President Kennedy and President Nixon.

During President Kennedy’s tenure, his administration closely monitored the airwaves around the clock to identify anyone voicing dissent against his left policies.

President Kennedy’s administration employed the doctrine of the right of reply, insisting on equal airtime on radio to counter, harass, and engage with conservative hosts who criticized Kennedy’s left policies. In today’s context, this practice might manifest through podcasts, Twitter, social media screenshots, or other social media platforms.

During the 1980s, the right of reply doctrine was discarded, leading to the rise of influential right-wing TV and talk show hosts, ie,. Rush Limbaugh. The concept of right of reply became impractical in the realm of cable news, and the subsequent developments in media are well-documented in history.

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