In this episode, we learn more about Henry and her unusual experiences. She keeps having strange dreams and even sleepwalks. These dreams lead her to discover strange things in her dad’s camping spot in the forest, which makes the story more interesting. The Mennonites, a religious group, come into the picture and ask for help from Lucas. This leads to discussions about religion, money, and how land was taken from others in the past. Cleo and her fiancé think about getting married for practical reasons, even if it goes against what many people believe. Sheriff Anna is looking into who Nikolai really is, and things get suspicious. Through all of this, Henry’s superpowers make it hard to tell what’s real and what’s not, making the story even more exciting.

As the segment begins, Henry’s having odd dreams again. She finds toys and pictures at her dad’s forest camping spot, even his playing cards. Last time, she somehow ended up in the forest during her sleep, waking up with dirty boots. Now, she’s covered in mud.

The Mennonites are in this broadcast again. The Mennonites have asked Lucas for help, kind of like free work. He’s building something for them, and they seem to have a lot of property, like other religious groups.

Thinking about it all, a song called “Indian Reservation” comes to my mind for some reason. It’s about taking things from Native Americans, like land and houses. They got some compensation, but today, similar things are still happening.

The Mennonites welcomed Lucas easily, which surprised me. It doesn’t seem common for someone to join so easily.

All this makes me think about religion and capitalism. People know that Catholic beliefs didn’t support capitalism, but Protestantism with its strong work ethic contributed to the growth of capitalism in the US.

Cleo and her fiancé realized marriage could help with medical bills. They talked about it, and her fiancé said, “My insurance doesn’t recognize our relationship. Let’s get married, and you and Henry will be on the policy next month.”

Cleo and her fiancé live together without being married, which some people might see as common-law or not following traditional values. Or just plain ole sexual immorality.

This segment sees the sheriff on a lead of who Nikolai is. A business card leads to a guy in a van who claims to be the main office.

Sheriff Anna wants a list of Ken’s clients, but the man in the van says, “Ask our legal department.” Anna should be suspicious.

Later, a fake headquarters guy in the van calls Nikolai (Ken Davidson), saying they have trouble because of Anna. Then, Nikolai flushes a dead fish down the toilet and says he’ll handle it.

There is a hidden message in this episode. Henry leaves an exam early, and there’s a college poster with real students in the hallway, sending a message.

Also, Henry acts differently, behaving assertively like a guy when talking to Nikolai, someone she barely knows. It makes me wonder if this is real or scripted.

Henry is struggling with reality. She has dreams about her dad, and she ends up going wherever the dream takes her, even though she knows it’s not real. Townes mentions it’s like sleepwalking and teleporting.

Jenna suggests checking the GPS, but Townes says it’s broken. It reminds me of doctors studying Dominic, a teleporter, while he slept.

Townes is stressed, and Henry tries to reassure him, but it’s uncertain if her advice can be trusted. She’s not normal, and it’s unclear if she even knows what “normal” is.

Henry’s dreams and teleportation are strange. She meets her dad in these dreams and brings back real things like pictures and mud on her clothes.

All this makes me think about secret societies and people with real superpowers, which is no longer a thing of just comics.

Things take a different turn during the broadcast when the Mennonites start singing songs, including “Rock of Ages.” Interestingly, the rock band Def Leppard did a heavy metal version of this song. It’s remarkable to think that this song’s origins date back over 2,000 years, a time long before anyone alive today or even their ancestors had any knowledge of.

Next, all the Mennonites are dressed in a rather peculiar manner. They wear clothing that appears to be from the founding era, with old-fashioned dresses and similar attire. There’s no sign of modern clothing among them.

And when did it become common for a woman to lead a church service? This episode has Mrs. Millar leading the church with a sermon. Didn’t Jesus state that he is the head of the congregation, and traditionally, it’s believed that a man is the head of the household?

Later, Lucas reads a Bible verse about cutting off body parts instead of harming the entire body. I believe he means that one should avoid looking at something that leads them to sin; it’s better to turn away from it.

This episode, with Henry and Cleo coming from different times, brings back a memory of a dream I had once. In that dream, I was a child in a strange house, seemingly from the 1970s though could of been earlier, with a gray, desolate outside. It was a hot and humid day, and all the windows and doors in the house were wide open. I had a feeling that my parents hadn’t been around for quite a while, maybe hours or even days. Despite the odd situation, I carried on playing as if everything were normal. When I woke up, it felt strangely similar to the present moment, but I lacked all the knowledge I have now.

Henry discovers a family secret: her mom is still married to her dad, Simon, but Cleo had kept this information from Henry, even though Cleo had been living with a fiancé. What’s even more surprising is that Henry wasn’t too upset about it.

Now, as if Henry didn’t have enough problems, Henry has to confront her superpowers. She needs to get into the truck where she was assaulted and confront the memories associated with that place. If she doesn’t, her emotions will keep triggering her superpowers uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, the teleporter, Nikolai, sets up Sheriff Anna. He pretends to be dead on the road as Anna approaches in her police car. When Anna stops to check on him, he disappears and reappears inside the police car, attempting to run her over before teleporting to safety after crashing the car. Anna is left startled and fires her gun, only to realize that nobody is around.

In conclusion, this segment of the story presents a captivating blend of supernatural elements, family revelations, and societal reflections. Henry’s mysterious abilities and the presence of the Mennonites add layers of intrigue to the narrative. Sheriff Anna’s encounter with Nikolai introduces an element of suspense, highlighting the potential dangers of superhuman powers.

As we navigate this complex narrative, we are prompted to contemplate the enigmatic nature of dreams, secrets, and societal norms. With its compelling twists and turns, the story keeps us engaged and eager to uncover what the future holds for its characters.

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