In this episode of *Mind On Fire,” we see Henry struggling to cope with the aftermath of Bill’s murder. She is haunted by his ghost, and she is starting to question her own sanity. Meanwhile, Nikolai is coaching her on what to say to the feds, but she is more concerned about Cleo, who is dying in the hospital. As the episode progresses, we learn more about Henry’s past and her powers, and we get a glimpse of the darkness that lurks within her.

To start off this reimagine, Nikolai was cold hearted. He didn’t have time to help Bill, who was bleeding out on the floor. He just took Bill’s boots and dragged the body away.

I can’t help but think, “Would Bill have lived his life differently if he knew he was gonna end up like this?”

Nikolai doesn’t buy Henry’s bullshit about it being an accident. He can see right through her, but he humors her anyway.

Yeah, right, Henry totally thought Bill’s death was an accident. That’s why she handed Nikolai a shovel when he asked for it. I mean, why else would she do that? To help him bury Bill? But then why didn’t she get the hell out of there? I guess she just wanted to make sure Bill’s body was properly disposed of. By dissolving it in acid. Yeah, that makes total sense.

I dunno, man, there’s something strange about Henry and Bill at this point in the story. Bill looks like he stepped out of the 1800s with those sideburns, and Henry starts to feel sick but doesn’t puke. It all doesn’t add up to me if they’re supposed to be murderers.

I find it interesting that Henry’s powers are released when she is under emotional stress. I mean, isn’t that when most people commit crimes of passion? Isn’t emotional stress the catalyst for all sorts of bad behavior? But in Henry’s case, she just teleports.

Nikolai was coaching Henry on what to say to the feds, basically telling her to lie. But Henry was preoccupied with Cleo, who was dying. She kept trying to get Nikolai to stop talking and just focus on Cleo, but he wouldn’t listen.

Henry and Cleo were basically a family of two. They did their own thing, even if it meant getting into trouble, like being around murders. Their dad was never really around, but the show kept hinting that he might show up someday.

Henry caused a disturbance in the hospital, and the police were called. They were ready to arrest her, but she managed to get control of herself.

Sheriff Anna is starting to catch on to some of the inconsistencies in Henry’s story about her mom being shot. Like, how did Henry get to the diner so far away? But Henry sticks to what Nikolai told her to do with the cops.

Nikolai was right. If Henry told them the right things, they would say it wasn’t her fault. And sure enough, that’s what happened. Henry seems a bit disenchanted, like she’s disappointed that Nikolai was right.

There’s some talk about rich kids and USC legacies in this episode. Clay’s girlfriend, Patricia, talks about the rich kid getting into college on legacy.

Townes crashes the social circle of Jenna and Patricia. Patricia acts aloof, like Townes isn’t good enough. But Jenna leaves with Townes.

Townes is always in the know. He mentioned the hacker video to Jenna, and some random guys overheard them. Townes realized they shouldn’t be talking about that in school, so he pulled Jenna aside.

The hospital asked Cleo’s boyfriend to fill out her medical forms, but he didn’t know any of the information. Henry had to fill them out for him.

Henry asked the boyfriend why he gets to stay at the hospital with Cleo when he’s not her husband. The boyfriend doesn’t understand that Henry is Cleo’s real family, and he tries to act like the father.

The boyfriend claims that he’s the adult in the situation, but I’m wondering why a child is handling her mother’s problems. Where are the adults in this situation? And if they’re adults, why are they having these problems? Why do the kids have to deal with it?

Henry doesn’t seem to know the difference between right and wrong. She withheld the knowledge that she killed Bill from Jenna and Townes. Townes passes Bill’s death off as an accident, but Henry doesn’t seem convinced.

Jenna is scared of Henry, even though she won’t admit it. Maybe it’s because Henry admitted to killing Bill. Or maybe it’s because people get shot around Henry. Jenna seems to be the only one who has any sense about her.

Henry is a bit sarcastic when she runs into the pizza guy, a minority, at the rich white kid’s party. She sarcastically tells the pizza guy that the rich kid got into USC and if he knew about it. It’s strange that a rich white guy gets into university on legacy, and the minority pizza guy and white woman can only talk about such things.

At the end, Henry goes on a guilt trip. She hears people ask her things like “Why did you kill Bill Boone? Why did you leave your mother like that? Show us your little trick.” Of course, it’s all in her mind and comes out when she gets high.

Townes gets hacked. The hacker impersonates him under Townes’ gaming account by posting videos. He also messes with Townes’ computer and sends him a package to his door.

Henry realizes that something is wrong with her. She admits to Jenna, saying, “You were right to be afraid of me. I wanted to kill Bill. Then I did. And it felt okay after I did it. After it felt good. It felt like relief. I stopped him.” Apparently, Henry is the joker as she laughs about it.

At the end, Henry has a dream about her missing father. She is in the country and she finds his tent, but her father isn’t there. He looks to be homeless. However, she finds toys from her childhood lying about the camp area.

In summary, we learn about this episode, Henry is a young woman who is grieving the injury of her mother and feeling guilty about killing Bill. She is not sure who she can trust and is starting to realize that she is not as innocent as she thought she was. She is going through a lot right now, but she is a strong and determined young woman who will find a way to get through this.

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