The Walking Dead: Dead City makes you think. Like what you have to do to survive the walking dead in New York. Also, how could people be religious when the dead walk the earth? Plus, suicide is examined in this segment. Finally, Negan hasn’t changed one bit.

In order to survive in New York, survivors dwell in skyscrapers. It’s survival of the fittest, and they must learn to adapt. They are out of the walking dead’s hands when up high.

Apparently, at the end of the world when the dead walk the earth, religion still plays a role. In one scene. the Babylon sherrlif puts rosary beads on his dead father’s hand. After the fall of capitalism, the walking dead, the monstrousities of Catholicism, he still believes, which is kind of stupid at this point. All I can say, “That is messed up.”

Suicide turns up in this episode. That being said, suicide is a Protestant thing which Émile Durkheim said. Strange that a Marshall puts rosary beads on his Catholic father who blew out his own brains.

Here’s my impression of survival chances: You are not going to win. The world is overrun with walking dead and you are killing other survivors. It’s a no win situation for everyone.

One thing about this series: It kind of feels like I am legend. Or The Omega Man. And the run down New York feels like Covid now.

Negan hasn’t changed one bit. The old Negan is back. Nasty and evil when he has to be-kind of like the good ole USA. And Maggie saw it-Negan killing a guy in front of everyone.

One final thing. Don’t you think this series looks like Armageddon?

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