M3gan explores what happens when AI is released on an unsuspecting public. Who is responsible? Corporations or parents? But mostly, what will society look like after M3gan?

To begin, here’s a film about corporations capitalizing on the personal and private lives of people. But guess what, the corps take no corporate responsibility-same political line like 1000 movies before. But guess what, there’s good news: Megan is available by Christmas season. 

But this is a horror: Megan aka Alexis is recording all our personal lives and info. M3gan is saving that data to data centers all over the world. And guess what, it’s being sold to everyone or being hacked.

The film touches on free speech issues. Safe spaces are a free speech issue in the film, or the lack of free speech in safe spaces, which is ironic when you think of it.

The movie gets into AI. Particularly, neural networks are highlighted in the movie. There are lots of GANNs, ANNs, probability algorithms, language models, logic algorithms, predictive algorithms. truth tables, and lots of model training.

The movie makes a statement about the role of parents. Are parents training or raising their children? Or is AI training the child like some statistical model. The movie explores the parent’s responsibility.

As the film points out, Megan is now. All the parts of a robot can be bought on Amazon for cheap-or salvaged. Additionally, 3d printers can custom parts. As well, all the software, like OpenAI, is open source and free. 

Megan can be powered. All it takes is lithium batteries-or an atomic power pack like the bionic woman. Lithium car batteries will power Megan too.

Megan explores sentient AI. With all the AI on the net, Megan could combine AI and become fully aware and autonomous now. Megan is a reality in sentient AI-just like the X-Men’s Sentinals.

Megan can be taken over like the movie points out. The net can grant outside  control. In fact, Megan can be taken over by any outside force-foreign countries.

Megan touches on lesser issues. One, Megan belongs to who? And who is liable for Megan? Who owns Megan? Where is the line? 

Megan gets into some really interesting post modern waters. If you think about the post modern theorist Jean Baudrilard and his theory of simulation and simulacra, you start to wonder where this AI model will end up. According to Baudrillard, these models have no resemblance to reality because they are copies. Makes you wonder what society will look like if we develop AI-will we lose touch with all reality?

Again, Megan is another movie that points out problems of private research. One of those big problems is private research released onto an unsuspecting public. You can imagine all the settlements down the pike.

One thing quietly suggested by Megan at the end: where will Megan lead society? As one knows, the AI computer Watson has already beat the best Go and chess players in the world in record time. In quantum algorithms, Megan suggests, it is possible to calculate trillions of states in nanoseconds and unravel the universe like some Go or Chess game in seconds.

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