This is my favourite episode of Dark Shadows; it really spoke to me. Victoria Winter saying, “This could be the most important step in my life,” reverberated with me too. “Finding out who I really am,” seems Victoria was thinking what I am thinking, in beginning her journey.

“I don’t really want to go but I have to,” says Victoria about her trip to Collinsport.

I really, too, don’t want to go but I have to.

“This could be the most important step I’ve taken in my life,” says Victoria Winters.

I am thinking this to, right now.

“Finding me. Seeing who I really am,” says Victoria.

I need to know this too about myself; like Victoria.

“Talking to yourself and haven’t been up on the hill yet? Say you are in trouble. Maybe you belong in that house,” says Maggie.

“Maybe I do,” says Victoria.

I feel the same way, too, Maggie.

In the end, Victoria finds out that she is Elizabeth’s daughter. That Elizabeth hired Victoria to be around her daughter. Such a strange way for a mother to get to know her long lost daughter.

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