“Antifa,” a belligerent caster berated the whole room. “You’re all secret antifa members in this chat room,” he bellowed.

“You all use secret names in chat and say things. You never cam up. You never use your real picture on avatars. Get on cam and debate me, cowards,” whined the irate caster on cam.

What is antifa? I had to google that to see what that was. Nope, that’s not me.

I voted once in my life, and I will never do it again. 

Chat got me thinking about double voting. Technically, legally speaking according to state statutes, double voting seems to be allowed in every state through some loophole.

Historically, double voting has always been around. I am thinking of New York’s William “Boss” Tweed who was famous for voter fraud. That Gangs of New York movie got into his story and voter fraud.

Voting fraud goes on today. 

BTW, there  is no national voter registration list.  Neither is there any modern voting rights act-anything seems to go.

Plus, there is gerrymandering going on where the politicians pick their voters.

“White people have enough,” said Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg, which came back to me from the latest affirmative action Fisher case.

“Amy Fisher cried reverse discrimination,” I thought. Just because she was poor, white, and was a Supreme Court test case.

California affirmative action is strange. Cali passed prop 209 which bans affirmative action in government contracting and education. Strange because California is liberal and democrat; you’d think they would love Affirmative Action.

Casters and chat were getting racist, again.

“Cowards,” screamed the caster. “You mad,” I typed.

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