The Langoliers, a Stephen King movie, gets into real horror like what’s beyond our universe: an infinite space of nothingness.

Maybe once it was make believe. But not anymore.

This film starts rather strange. “Woah, no one is driving the plane,”says a punk-looking teenage girl.

Something is really wrong about a plane flight in which people are stuck. “There is nothing out there. Nothing at all,” cries Kirk Cameron to the pilot.

This strange flight scares the pilot. The Captain says, “We’re all alone up here. Completely. Totally.” The captain realizes man is alone.

Not all will admit man is alone in the universe. The Queen’s killer says, “We don’t want a panic on our hands, do we?”

Others would rather live in ignorance. A Hughes aircraft engineer says, “It doesn’t have to be this way mister. You should just relax. Take it easy.”

However, some others have come up with theories why nobody else is around. Mr. Jenkins, a writer, says, “Let’s just say some shadowy govt decided to conduct an experiment and we were the test subjects…the purpose to document serious emotional stress on ordinary Americans..”

The pilot had wild ideas why there is nobody around, too, and he is scared. The Captain says, “Suppose we skipped into another dimension. How do we know what‘s down there…. Who knows, and who knows is a pretty dicey situation for an airline.”

Even the killer is scared of the unknown. “I am still afraid of what’s under these clouds. Or what’s not under them,” says the Queen’s mechanic.

And with an empty universe, people are getting real scared. “You mean, we’re stuck here with that noise coming closer? And there is no way out?” adds the punk girl.

Things that were considered impossible before are suddenly becoming possible, which scares people. “Maybe once it was make believe. But not anymore,” says the little blind girl.

This film got me thinking: What does that mean for you and me? An empty outer space as large as infinity beyond our universe. Most people would be terrified if they had to face that fact. But it’s always been the case.

I got to thinking, maybe we convinced ourselves of so much. How do we know if anything is real or not? Maybe it’s all made up in our head. Who really knows.

But one thing is certain: Outside our universe, there exists a space as wide and long as infinity. You could put an infinity of our universes in that void and still have infinite space left.

This movie makes you wonder, when scientists get to the edge of the universe, how the hell are they going to explain that to the rest of the people? They probably will try to keep that under wraps too. Such a leak-cat out of the bag-would drive people mad.

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