The Hills Have Eyes

Here’s a horror movie with a story that could happen. 

To start, in the desert, hill people sabotage travellers. Hill people shoot out the traveller’s car tire. The travellers are stranded without help in the open desert.

Here’s the composition of the travellers. It’s a small family with a tough retired cop as head of the household. From the looks of it, it’s a close-knit family.

At this point, here’s what the hill people are thinking. “Easy pickings now,” says a voice of a hidden hill man after the family vehicle is derailed.

With that, the hill people monitor all communications of the distressed family. At one point, the family call for help on a CB radio only to be trolled by the hill people. The hill people have the upper hand from the looks of it.

This movie implies a lot of things. For example, there are inbred families in the hills. Idiots. Plus, this inbreeding has created deformed people. Perhaps, it refers to eugenics, which was conducted up to around the 1970s. Or atomic testing caused birth defects.

The movie draws on bible material. One scene refers to “a devil man and his family.” The movie seems to appeal to conservative types.

At the middle of the film, the cop is killed. He is crucified by the deformed hill people. It comes down to survival of the fittest and the cop loses.

Overall, this movie could happen. You could see this happen if you got stranded in the wrong place. Perhaps, the crazy people are on the internet instead of in the hills. This movie could happen in real life, and for that reason, it was scary to me.

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