“You been spamming chat all night,” rolled across the chat box from Samsung in regards to Skunky, a sometimes known spammer.

It was a bad hair day for Skunky. “Stop it NOW!” screamed some of Blinken’s caps. “I preyed for Chronic,” sadly protested Skunky as his name filled the box line after line.

Everyone wanted a piece of Skunky, so I put in my two cents too. “Skunky’s a dancing queen,” I mustered from chat.

Skunky lol’d from chat. I wasn’t sure what to do or say next. I typed, “good music” sheepishly from the safe confines of my bed.

Later in the day, I began thinking about Skunky for no obvious reason. I thought, he can be relentless in the chat box, if he wants. Skunky is probably not the kind of person you want to get mad in real life, I reasoned.

I tried to tell BabyJ about the 2023 Netflix special of the same name. The one about the stand up comedian who did material based on rehab and terrible experiences in life. I don’t think she believed me, though. But you know what: there are Battlecammers who did the Comedy Store-Benji, BTF, Andy Dick, etc.

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