With money being worthless across the world, the Marauders are the middlemen in the new global black market. If your country can’t buy or sell due to being blacklisted, you must go through the underground in order to survive.

Who are the Marauders? One is Kitty Pryde; one is Iceman; one is Pyro; one is Storm; one is Bishop; and one is Emma Frost, queen of the Hellfire Trading Company.

Krackoa has all the cards; its governing body decides who gets in the island, a mutant country. After the fall of digital currency, Krackoa controls the teleportation gates to goods. Krackoa is the only real power left in the world.

That being said, Krackoa only lets in mutants. If you are not the right kind of mutant, you are out of luck. That means, if you or your country don’t play by the rules, no food or medicine or alcohol for you.

The world thinks the Marauders are sinister. The world thinks the Marauders are a shady, clandestine organization. But the Marauders pull the strings to get black market goods for you.

Here’s what we know about Kitty Pryde, the mutant captain: You can’t hit what you can’t touch-she can pass through any solid object. Kitty took out an army. Kitty took out Wolverine who killed everyone in the MCU at one time. If you remember in one issue of Marvel’s “What if,” where Wolverine “enemy of the state,” took out every superhero: Kitty beat him.

In The Marauders, Kitty runs the worldwide smuggling op for Wolverine. She gets goods from everywhere around the world. In being the mutant captain, she is able to bargain with banned countries to release persecuted mutants in that country.

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