“She don’t talk to anybody,” Axl murmured from a black cam to all the room to hear.

I could really relate to Valice, I thought. She reminded me of someone who recently died. And at times I would just stare at Valice and wonder “is that him?” Sure as hell looks and acts like him-Valice didn’t have to say a word to me.

Why would anyone not talk to anyone? That ran through my mind. Maybe because some people are really mean. And assholes. If talking to some people meant saving their life, all I can say, some people would be dead now. Besides, aren’t we told to avoid the path of the wicked? It takes a strong person to want to talk to people and want to save lives these days is my opinion.

“Social credit score… Black mirror episode,” a thought returned to my mind about what a caster said the other day.

Right now. All the cameras at traffic intersections reading car licence plates with OCR technology-not to mention IPhones apps that do the same thing right now, I thought.

And China has that, too. Cameras recording everything-real time-about a person like age, address, phone number, license, destination, gender, social credit score, etc. 

On cam the topic was now hacking. I got to thinking how easy it was: Stormtrooper, Ngrok, a link, and a website. And wala, you were inside their IPhone 14, owning all their privacy and data while they were totally unaware and defenceless. A child could hack these days with so many videos online.

“Bish,” rang out from on screen. 

Someone showed on cam, of course using their “trolling account” to do it, Bish casting on another website. Apparently, also, the caster used a trolling account on Tinychat, too, to tell us this fact. I thought, you know, nobody would care if you used your real name, I bet.

“Cece,” MikeInIke quietly said from his recording studio on one of the cams. I wondered if Mike was still really married.

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