Imsocronic76, Chronic for short, was talking when I got to chat. “Don’t be hanging out behind the Stratosphere,” she warned to outsiders coming to Las Vegas.

Apparently gang members have taken over hotels in Las Vegas. “Gang members,” cautioned Chronic from among the few casters on cam.

Chronic was really knowledgeable. She had the inside on big city life. One could really learn something from Chronic, if they took a trip to Vegas when they were low on funds.

“They will mug you,” added Chronic. “I thought for sure, especially if they took over whole hotels, which I am sure they do,” I thought to myself in chat from the box.

“Girls should go rogue,” I typed in chat, as to offer some kind of answer. “Yeah, anytime Lisa. I have lots to say,” added Chronic over Dsdeadlykiller‘s voice.

Here’s some titles that ran through my brain for today’s diary entry: “Vegas Pimps”; “My trip to the Stratosphere in Vegas”; “Watch Out for Gang Members In Vegas”

Basically, the room was empty. Because it was morning, nobody was up. “Someone will cam up,” I thought. “This room is dying,” Or “It will die, if this keeps up.”

“I am losing so much weight,” I thought to myself lying on the bed. “I wonder if I have cancer?” Back down to 80 plus pounds.

As for coming to the chat room, my reasons were weak: I needed to see and listen to somebody, Why not Tinychat rooms?

Tinychat felt like Walmart-the corporation. You linger; you shop; you check out; and you get the hell out of there.

Tinychat, too, and Walmart, could feel dreadfully ordered when I got to really thinking about it-like a church. You put on a show; you take your sit; you listen to the program; you sing songs; and you leave. Places of that sort were all structured and routine; and, if you were not careful or awake, you could be lulled into something stupid or very bad.

Tinychat casters are ridiculous. I have always had these questions run through my head when watching casters: “Do they know how ridiculous an adult looks in that tiny window on cam?” “Do they even care how ridiculous it looks?” “Don’t they know they all look like a big head sticking out of a tiny window in a child’s playhouse?” “Are they on drugs?”

Battlecam and Tinychat are very different in some ways.

Come to think of it, Tinychat reminds me of those professional family photographs. You know, the photograph everyone has of their family or a child resting on that shag carpet for the big picture. My neighbour, a nine-year-old I think but can’t remember, had one, but he died in an accident when his parent’s car braked, all to avoid a hay bail knocked lose from the back of a semi truck-a radio was launched off the back window of the sedan and struck Jamie and killed him.

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