“Lisa,” said OG_TRIPLE_OG in the chat box.

“Og_Triple_Og:),” I said under my breath as I squinted and stared at my iPhone screen. 

I was bored and was on Tinychat, again. Impulse was the room I chose-my favourite casters sometimes crammed up and I liked to listen to their convos to pass the time. Perhaps, I would type something, if something was said of interest.

“You look good, Chica,” someone commented from the multitude of casters on cam. 

I scrolled up, and Chica did look better. I was surprised, since Saxo was trolling her with an unflattering picture the other day on his cam. It must of got to Chica: Why would she fix herself up so nice? Everybody in chat congratulated her on her good-looking appearance.

“Jah Rule!” someone said on cam.

At this time, I heard Warrior say Ashanti. That got me thinking about Murder Inc-that was so long ago but they were good. So I typed that out in the chat box. 

“Alicia Keys,” Warrior voiced from cam.

“She’s so street. Alicia Keys. Kewl,” I managed to type in chat-damn letters were messing up again.

My mind was off thinking about a cousin. He had died yesterday from drinking at such a young age-thirties. It was such a shock to get that call from my sister, and I wanted to tell Raddio that because he looked so much like Raddio. But I didn’t say anything.

Oh yeah, someone bought me a beer, which was nice, awww.

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