Here’s a horror that’s scary for all the wrong reasons, but if you believe the Catholic Church, it might scare you. First, in this movie, there are lots of disabled people burning in “hell,” in case you didn’t know. Second, people with mental health issues or who disfigured are going to “hell” in big numbers. Plus, those experiencing “hellfire” should have plenty of company with gay people. To top it off. a new Catholic sister must stop hell from entering earth. But if you can get past all the abusive lawsuits the Catholic Church now face, or pretend those scandals don’t exist, or you’re not a strict Catholic, you might just be frightened by this film.

A person who has Catholic beliefs might be scared of this film, if only because this film appeals to a certain Catholic with certain doctrinal beliefs. For example, he/she may conclude that he/she is going to hell if he/she is bad: therefore, this film will capitalize on that person’s fear of hell and hellfire. If you are “that” Catholic, you should not watch this film, because it will scare you.

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