I just watched this film, which has some interesting ideas to say the least. One, it quietly points out false narratives on TV. Two, there are behind the scene messages embedded in those TV commercials, which are deadly. Three, our choice of entertainment can influence on us like a real person.

We begin with false narratives, which are made behind the scenes, playing in the background on TV. First, in one scene, Pennywise is on television while nobody pays attention; however, Pennywise is telling kids to “kill them all,” which reminded me of false narratives on TV which have sinister messages and actors behind them-sort of a language in a language going on.

Perhaps, nobody has got time to pay attention, but these behind the scene messages do have an effect. Kids watch these commercials that drone on in the background, and some of these messages are deadly. Ask yourself: “Why else would these messages be there if they didn’t have an effect on us?”

Some movies remind me of ouija boards. Though the movie was filmed long ago, there is an underlying message that still lives and comes through. Perhaps, that movie, or vessel, relays a message to steal, etc.

Careful who you hang out with. Bad associations make bad practices. And if we watch movies or listen to music about killers, addicts, or thieves, for example, that is like associating with those people, and can lead to bad practices.

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