The Bionic Woman’s “Doomsday Is Tomorrow” is a message out of the bible. Incidentally, AI a.k.a social media, plays a role in the end of this world. Also, in both the episode and in the bible, there is tension about the role of the UN.

This movie storyline comes from the bible where the scriptures talks about the end of this world: doomsday. It’s a time when Jesus. angels, and co-rulers, come to destroy the wicked people, which includes false religion. It has to be done because bad people can’t be allowed to stop God’s purpose forever.

After the time to change is passed, a short time begins when the wicked will need to know they are going to die. The scriptures say this must be fulfilled. So the righteous deliver a hard hitting message described as having the effect of a 45 pound ball of hail hitting someone. It’s a message nobody will forget, so the wicked try to kill the righteous.

Anyways, this episode is about the end of this world: doomsday. People, like Jamie Sommers, try to stop it, and people say “please no.” But the end comes in this episode.

Doomsday Is Tomorrow differs from the bible in one important way: the UN is portrayed as good. However, in the bible, the book of Revelations and the book of Ezekiel refer to the UN as “the despicable thing,” and “Gog of Magog” that tries to take Jesus’s role of peace maker. Not only that, the UN leads a sinister, secret attack on the righteous. Anyways, right before Doomsday, in a period called the Great Tribulation, the UN is destroyed.

In the end, “Doomsday Is Tomorrow” stopped the end of this world with water. In the bible, the righteous rely on God and get baptized, which marks them to be saved. But the end of this world still comes, in the bible.

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