Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a good film for various reasons. One, it shows the final out come of evolution. Two, it shows the end of religion. But in the grand scheme, neither matters, as this movie ultimately points out.

The film revolves around the end of the world. Man has evolved to a point where he destroys the world, as well as himself. Not that anything really matters at the end of the world for an evolutionist, this movie does present compelling questions, if the individual has the courage to ask them about his/her self-what do I believe. However, in the scheme of the universe, it doesn’t matter, as the film points out.

In their church, an unspeakable God: A doomsday bomb.

The film, too, shows the final outcome of such a world for the religious. There is one last battle: Armageddon. After that, nothing matters in the trillions of galaxies, like was always the case. This is how the end of religion looks.

Is this beginning or the end?

Perhaps, an evolutionary dead end and religious demise should of happened in the 1970s, when this movie was made. But somehow, I don’t think it matters anymore, if it ever did. Maybe, it did sometime, but nobody will remember the beginning or end.

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