Yeah, these guys can be real immoral, as this documentary shows. They can incorporate as a for-profit or non- profit, and the shareholders, stakeholders, and board members are free from liability. That means their homes, cars, and bank accounts are safe, as they destroy. That means they can destroy the environment or form mega churches to rip you off-they been doing it for centuries. They can destroy the people. Where are the morals, scruples, or the personal responsibilities? Where is God in all this? Jesus was poor, homeless too. Jesus didn’t have a billion dollars in corporate property! And when all is said and done, the can declare bankruptcy, divide up the corporate assets, and move onto another harmful venture, and they are that much all the richer for it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop destructive corporations. Sure, capitalism might burn out, but what about the damage in the meantime? I guess the end of the world will stop evil corporations, but who knows when that will come.

Yes, corporations do some good. They create medicine, etc, but they do more harm than good, according to what I can see in the news, etc. And when Russia reverted back to capitalism after entering communism, evil corporations were that much harder to stop.

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