East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Raises Red Flags

Wow, I been watching this NIMBY Norfolk Southern chemical spill, which happened February 3, 2023, and there are so many red flags. First, a national railway, that went private, spilled chemicals all over private property along the railway easement. Second, there is particulate matter in the air, btw killing thousands of animals, with long term effects, which has hit the water supply to add to thousands of chemicals in the already polluted water where there is “pay to pollute” too. Third, the government is making people store their personal info on key fobs, which can be hacked by a child’s simple Flipper Zero. The red flags are sounding in Ohio.

Art imitates reality in Ohio

Another thing, when Texas takes title of this Ohio hazardous waste, that is another whole can of worms. Here are some questions: “For one, in Texas, that is where experimentation will take place, so is Texas really ok with this toxic experimentation?” “Also, you got to know international laws and treaties are effected; do Texans know that?”

Here’s something to think about. The chemical burning, in regards to those dark plume clouds of chemicals, is blown about by the wind. And nobody knows where the wind goes, but it is said the wind goes everywhere. To date, in the next state over, a Pennsylvania Health clinic has opened to deal with chemical pneumonia of it’s citizens due to the Norfolk chemical spill. That being the case, vinyl chlorine a.k.a acid is everywhere now.

To bring this spill up to now, the feds are on the scene and monitoring citizens of East Palestine. They are going door to door, like was done in Hurricane Katrina, checking on people, which has unnerved residents. And the bracelet fobs things are monitoring people, which reminded me of a jail ankle electronic collar, but the people are unnerved about that too. Personally, I think, the feds (and probably other orgs be it local or international too got that data) are monitoring citizens for damage control and keeping things under wraps; as you know, there are apps or social media that can pin point you anywhere at anytime, so the feds can instantly be on any developments should they occur in real time. All in all, the feds are down playing the long term effects, but it’s been 25 days later, and people in the next state are coming down with chemical pneumonia and water sources continue to show up polluted.

After watching YouTube videos of Palestine residents at the local polluted creek, I was shocked at what I saw. A lady and a friend laughing and joking poked the creek bed and chemical rose from the creek water in a line like a little volcano. And there was dead fish and animals everywhere. My first thought was “you better get the hell out of there. Right now. That is not normal anywhere.”

Lastly, obviously, corporations will not ever stop polluting, but there is hope. God says he will destroy those destroying the earth, which includes those people destroying people, because people are created from the earth and are earth too.

“[God will] bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”​ Revelation 11:18.

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