Look what you can do with Chat GPT. Grab a picture of Trump and a snippet of his voice and wala, you can be Trump. Go on TV or Zoom with your Trump and type words or some Mandarin, and nobody will be the wiser. Or use it to pass the state bar exam since Chat GPT has proven this possible. Or bake a cake with an instant recipe. Or do some calculus and show your work. Or web scrape CNN. Or stalk every move of your friend right down to where and when he changes his direction in an apartment building-or any building for that matter. Or make your own circuit boards, components, and make stuff-wouldn’t that be something? It’s better than Google. Join the idiocracy with Chat GPT:)

Another thing about Chat GBT: It’s the new oracle. It utilizes all that probability you learned in middle school, and it supercharges those probability formulas into AI algorithms-and down to billions of times a second due to clock speed. Now, you can have a predictive model that works in seconds-no more statistics, regression, or Z scores, worked out on paper. Imagine all that linear algebra in seconds. Fortune tellers have a new tool in the tool box and it’s called Chat GBT-but hey, isn’t divination a sin?

Last thing about Chat GPT. If the hackers get ahold of this, they can grab the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in North Korea. But doesn’t everyone have an ICBM anyways? And can’t those ICBMs hit anywhere in the US, Canada, China, or Russia? Chat GPT may start Armageddon.

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