After giving it some thought, you got to be crazy to believe in Star Trek. Here’s one reason: if you believe in evolution, one of the underlying themes pushed in this tv series, you got to be insane, because, you have to admit, everything is just a process and evolves, materialism, and your ideas are just delusional like a madman, in this tv series, in the evolutionist scheme of things. Also, nobody knows what’s out there in distant galaxies, but whatever delusional ideas you have, it doesn’t even matter, if you are an evolutionist. It all comes down to nothing matters in evolution because it’s just one stage in countless stages that leads to nowhere, basically-with no rhyme or reason to it.

I always laugh at Star Trek, the TV series. Really? All that drama compacted into an hour? All that resolution in one hour, handled perfectly? Every week at 5pm? Right before supper and bedtime? All those deodorant commercials? You’re kidding right with those commercial breaks, formulaic episodes, and dramatic cliffhangers before the next commercial break? I guess they got to make up shat they don’t know huh, to try and sell us shat, and to keep you occupied before supper time.

But you know what, guess who has drunk the pitcher of evolution Kool-Aid? Elon Musk! He’s a huge believer in evolution. And why is Elon so adamant about people believing that shat too? If you were to believe him what he says, people are going to live on Mars like last week. But the reality is Elon’s preying he might get to Mars once, and I bet he wishes that too to say that, but nobody is going to live there-just like nobody lived on the moon after the Apollo missions. Everyone got sick of pumping tax money into the moon programs when people were still starving to death in the inner cities of the US-I bet Elon was never homeless:)

But what if one religion was right. What would that mean? You living forever? God has a purpose which will be realized? Evolution fooled everyone? And the devil and demons are real, and they are ruthless murderers? And there are angels? And the majority of mankind is deceived? And will be destroyed soon? And most people do the devil’s work? And one religion only does God’s work? Wouldn’t all the world pile up on that one religion, if it was the true religion, since the people supporting this world are ruled by the devil?

On the other hand, don’t be so quick to jump to “God” for answers. Why? Because just think about the Enlightenment and how it triumphed over faith and tradition-hundreds of years before I was born. And now we live in post modern times, and everything is backward before I was born, but I hope you can find some application to survive the coming storm:)

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