“They Know Not What They Do” has lots to offer on a second watch. For one, Cleo calls BS on Bill’s fake business front. Two, Nikolai is on a needs to know basis. Third, Bill Boone claims the bible is myths, but what about the 53 Hebrew bible characters that archeological sites and fossils verify? Four, in order to not be discovered as a teleporter, Henry tells a lie, but her lie gets a kid killed. Finally, there are big 2nd Amendment issues going down. I hope you can reimagine this one.

If you missed this, Cleo Coles calls BS on Bill Boone with his phoney good guy image.

“I’m sure that… That helps you think of her [Henrietta] as some delicate little girl, but it is Henry, okay? Tell me you didn’t hire me to shut her up. To keep your kid out of jail. You think because you’ve got money and police friends, you can buy your way out of hurting my daughter? No way. No fucking way. I’m not scared of you and your stupid auto center, folksy businessman of America bullshit.”

If you weren’t paying real close attention, you would of missed a federal agent disarm state officers. But since when do the feds disarm state officers? Really? This is going to happen with a 2nd amendment for individuals to bear arms and the NRA? Maybe if there was more limits on state police power and gun control, which this episode seems to be pushing.

I didn’t catch this first time, but Cleo tries to love her daughter. Cleo calls Henry’s phone just to hear her voice. See, Henry is in a coma. Cleo must really miss her daughter to do that. 

Did you miss the multinational keeping secrets from their teleporter, Nikolai? Henry’s file is classified, so Nikolai can’t find out if she has any hereditary links to allow her to teleport. Why is the private multinational R and D not cooperating with Nikolai and keeping this information from their number one man?

Doesn’t it hurt? Keeping everything inside? Doesn’t it bother you? I just stabbed a guy. You’re just washing dishes like it’s any other day of the week. Aren’t you scared? And you just want to pretend like none of this happened. That Clay never hurt you. Like you just didn’t teleport out of a hospital. Like there isn’t something wrong with you but there is. There is something really wrong with you.

If you don’t understand yet on second take, Henry is trapped because of her mother. “Jenna, I know. What do you want me to do? My mother likes it here.”

Here’s something you missed about Bill Boone and what he thinks about the bible. In one scene, Bill wonders what the bible proves. He probably thinks it’s a book of myths. But what Bill doesn’t know is 53 Old Testament bible people have been verified by fossils and archeological sites. One being in Karnak, Egypt, with the temple depicting “the field of Abraham.”

Did you catch this: Henry lied? You may think so what. But Henry did it cause she couldn’t reveal that she was a teleporter. And because of this simple lie, Amos Miller died for it.

This episode sees everything go sideways at a drug deal between Bill Booth, the local police chief, and the Mennonites. Essentially, everything goes Waco Texas. People are shot and killed at this drug deal.

After thinking about it on second watch, I have come to an observation. I have a feeling that God could talk to Henry and she wouldn’t change-like the Israelites. This is sad. because it signals a dark shift in Henry.

A few things should be said about law enforcement discretion. The federal DEA claim they have discretion when they tell officer Anna that they made a deal with Bill in exchange for giving up the Mennonite drug dealers. However, local police officers have discretion too when deciding to charge a person with a crime. So why didn’t Anna exercise her right of discretion and charge Bill, because she was in her right to do it.

All this talk of federal and local discretion reminded me of a more important thing than discretion. That is, the courts may interpret the constitution , but they do not have exclusivity on interpretation, because it says nowhere in Article 3, Section 2 of the US Constitution or that Supremacy Clause that only the court can interpret the laws of the US Constitution. The fact is the courts just assert this power and have no way to back it up; that being said, the executive branch or local cops or politicians can do the same-think President Lincoln or Governor Orval Faubus.

This episode brings back to my mind one thing the late Justice Anthony Scalia said. He said in one case, an important case, we are ruled by five lawyers, five lawyers today. He was referring to five Supreme Court Justices, which we should remember.

I should mention Impulse was shot in Canada. It was later Americanized, so some of the ideas are strange. Like Americans giving up their right to bear arms. In Canada, basically, they all give up their arms because they have no second amendment-bit of a left gun control issue in this episode.

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