“He Said She Said” brings up a lot of things on second look. For example, did you notice teleporters bypass geo-restrictions? As well, did you ever think teleporters would make the US Constitution Commerce Clause obsolete? Plus, did you notice, Nikolai resembles some kind of slave capturer from olden times only for teleporters? Last, but not least, did you catch the part, Henry is now a criminal, because of a cop? I hope you noticed what I saw on second look, because if you didn’t, you’re sleeping.

To start, In this segment, here’s something non-obvious: teleporters bypass geo-restrictions, which means state or national borders have no effect on teleporters. As well, teleporters do not pay any state or local taxes. In fact, teleporting can be likened to a vpn, which allows the user to bypass geo-restrictions to obtain services and goods from different countries

This airing makes you wonder how teleporters could be controlled by states or the feds. Perhaps, governments might use collars to control them- like a dog. Or maybe a license at the state level. Or, governments might have to just drug them like mental patients. Or control might be accomplished by both collars and drugs.

Here’s some questions you might of missed to ask yourself about teleporters. What are the politics of teleporters? Are teleporters democrats or republicans? Do teleporters believe in civil rights or abortion? Do they care about humanity or politics? Do they care about religion? Do they care about women? Are they racist? I bet you never wondered these questions when watching this episode.

I bet you never thought about teleporting from a constitutional standpoint. As you know, people are commerce; therefore, congress can regulate people aka commerce, because they have an effect on interstate economic activity- or intrastate activity for that matter. Much like how people never thought of space law, and now it’s a thing, people do not think about teleportation law.

However, teleporters will make the Commerce Clause obsolete, because they don’t travel on the normal channels like roads. This being the case, Congress cannot regulate teleporters, because congress doesn’t control wormholes, which teleporters use to travel. 

When regulation breaks down, government breaks down. At this point teleporters are a threat to Commerce and national security. And you can bet governments have protocols for this kind of thing,

When thinking about teleporters and regulating under the Commerce Clause, I bet you didn’t know this: the Commerce Clause had it’s start in slavery times. The US government had to control the movement of people back in slavery days, and the government used the Commerce Clause to control slave movements too. If you follow the progression and logic, the Commerce Clause is used to control slaves, people, and finally teleporters, because, deep down, Congress only sees articles of commerce or chattels. As a result, Congress will try to deprive teleporters of their freedom too.

One thing you missed is Nikolai resembles a slave capturer of olden times but for teleporters of today. That being the case, he is employed by a multinational private corporation to capture teleporters. Though not in colonial times with the British imperial empire, Nikolai is still trying to regulate teleporters. Forget about the fact there are no teleporter laws or Nikolai doesn’t have the Constitution to go by. Nikolai is a strange addition to this episode, but a needed one, if only to be explained.

Here’s something you might of missed in this episode: Henry becomes an accessory to a crime. And it’s all because of Anna, the local cop, who involves Henry in a break-in at the Boone house. Henry is a criminal, and it’s the fault of the cop.

Did you see Jenna retaliate against Clay in this broadcast? In one scene, Jenna sticks her dirty fingers into a bread roll in which Clay asked for. She did it because she knows what Clay did to Henry.

In summary, I missed a lot on first watch of “He Said She Said.” I missed how teleporters will make the Commerce Clause obsolete. Also, the part about the Commerce Clause having it’s origin in slavery times was missed on first take.- how ironic that it’s used today to stop discrimination. And of course, Henry turned into a criminal by a local cop was missed. Not bad for seeing new things on second take of this episode.

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