In much the same way we see new things when returning to an old childhood place, things have changed on my revisit to Impulse, the tv series about a young teleporter. For instance, Henry exposes a teacher with a fake PHD. Also, autistic people, like Townes Lindermen, are very observant. While very much like how an adult marvels at the now small white walls of a once perceived huge white wall in an old childhood place, I have noticed a few changes and new things on my return teleportation to Impulse.

To begin, this series is big on blended families, which I didn’t pay much attention to on the first watch. Here we see Henry Cole and her mother, Cleo, shack up with a boyfriend and his daughter. Now, you have one big blended family being pushed by the series, which seems pretty liberal, with no mention of traditional families.

Another thing I skipped in my original watch which turned out to be important was the legalization of weed in Canada. Once again, Hollywood paves the way for political agendas like weed in Canada. I missed this first go around, but if you pay attention to any new series, they push political agendas in their episodes.

My first go around missed, too, that Henry is a pill popper. Apparently, she takes meds for her seizures. Big pharma must of love this plug on the series.

Here’s something you had to be paying attention to get: kids waiting around til their parent’s current relationship ends. Seems this is what Henry and her step sister are doing. I bet all blended families must have this dynamic going on.

You probably won’t catch the teacher who picks on the autistic student on first watch. It’s kind of a serious issue for a pilot episode. Therefore, you won’t be scolded for missing this serious topic on a pilot when you have no clue what to expect from a new series, on the first watch.

Here’s something you will miss about Henry: she is actually kind of smart. She calls out an attention seeking teacher when Henry calls bluff on his fake PHD credentials before a packed high school classroom: “Why do we have to call you doctor? You’re not actually a PHD,” says Henry who moved around the continent and could spot a fake PHD.

Henry goes on to mock the fake PHD. She tells the class he did his post-grad work at University of Cincinnati. However, the university didn’t publish his PHD dissertation because he never completed it and there was none. Henry, being very perceptive, says he’s been making people call him PHD without actually completing or publishing his PHD online in the university library-but who would check into fake PHD credentials in a small town nobody cares about, which the teacher was probably hoping.

You may of missed the fact that dissertations are published online in the first watch. Henry painfully pointed out this fact to the fake teacher/doctor. Henry did it in front of the class while the teacher was trying to shut her up.

I bet you missed that Henry found the fake PHD’s Masters published online at his university. However, Henry tells the class that the Masters was a rambling piece of shit. As a punishment, the fake PHD halls Henry off to the Principal’s Office for exposing his secret to the unsuspecting classroom.

But Henry isn’t done with the fake doctor/teacher. She says in front of the class: “It’s odd I couldn’t find your dissertation of any kind.” The fake doctor is mad as hell at Henry.

Here’s one I know you missed in this episode: One should know, in the US, you can skip a Masters program and go right into a PHD program. While working on your US PHD, you could apply for a teachers job in Canada, as a PHD; thus, you bypass a Canadian requirement of having a Master’s degree to teach. I am sure this scam is going on right now in Canada, which the producers quietly exposed in this broadcast.

Furthering the above point, the producers of Impulse in a non-obvious way quietly reveal coming and present problems of globalization. For example, citizens of foreign countries can take advantage of borders and conflicting jurisdictions in new ways. The producers show us one way when Henry’s teacher, the guy with a fake PHD, takes advantage of globalization.

If you didn’t know much about autism, you missed it on first watch. You missed Townes is autistic. He misses social cues and notices stuff most people don’t pick up on like pens moving during Henry’s seizure. Plus, he notices her hair standing up due to static electricity during her classroom seizure. Pay close attention to Townes’ autism on this second watch.

You too may of missed the fact that Henry is a criminal on first watch. We learn this when Henry got caught tagging. She’s been hitting everything around town and the police catch her.

Another thing you will miss is Henry steals back her car in this pilot-if that’s even possible. You see Henry gets a fine. And her stepdad tries to sell her car to pay the fine. With the help of Henry’s school friend, Clay, Henry steals back her car from the dealership, which is owned by Clay’s dad, Bill Boone-but if you think of it, the car was always Henry’s car and the Boones and Henry’s stepdad were really trying to steal Henry’s car.

Interestingly, you might of missed some of Townes’ observant facts on first go around. For example, Townes says brain tumours can cause psychic episodes. I bet you missed this fact on first go coming from the autistic Townes character.

What are the producers of Impulse really saying to us? Possibly, life is fragmentary. We have black outs where we can’t remember things. We are constantly jumping around or moving. Things are missing from our lives or stolen. Perhaps, all the producers want to tell us is we live in a post modern world where everything is upside down from what came before-but maybe it was always this way, from the beginning, for all we know.

In conclusion, Impulse has changed since I last watched it-or maybe it was just me. This time around, I picked up on Henry’s sarcasm of a teacher with fake credentials, and that Henry stands up for the disabled. Also, I was more attuned to Townes Linderman, an autistic friend of Henry Cole. Maybe, if I watch this series a third time, I will notice more things than I did the first and second time-kind of how your read something over and over, like a book or bible, and find new things or see new things as if the words are alive, so I hope angels are entertained and cheering on:)

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