Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Here’s a documentary about a false prophet, polygamy, and religion. But this doc makes you think are the alternatives any better? This documentary will make you wonder at it all.

Clearly, this guy, Warren, is a false prophet according to the bible. Jesus warned of false prophets coming in his name after his death. (1 John 4: 1-3; Matthew 7:21-23) This Warren guy fits the bill in what I saw.

But is the alternative of evolution better or acceptable? If you follow the teachings a.k.a doctrines of evolution, you end up with no purpose in life and it all comes down to survival of the fittest. Worse yet, you attend the church of evolution and science. Is that an acceptable way of life, for the rest of your life, for you? Sounds like the unacceptable to me.

You know, many religions came to America fleeing religious persecution. In Europe, the crusades, the holy wars, the inquisitions, Catholic and Protestant wars, and the Catholic church supporting the Nazi, which tried to kill minority religions, were hell bent on control and domination of religious dissent. Now, today, we hear of the UN’s worldwide war on religion and hidden agenda too. I ask you, will this ever end?

Or do we be dominated worldwide by the UN or individual states? Forget we must obey God as ruler rather than man? (Acts 5:29) Have our freedom of religion and right to exercise religion stamped out by the state, the UN, and the secret police forces? Or do we continue to be locked up in prisons for practising our religion. Sounds like communism/evolution/devil to me, just saying.

I have to say one thing: if anyone thinks the UN, the peacekeepers, are the solution to this world’s peace, that is ridiculous. Lets think about how ridiculous that is for one second. For one thing, the UN has taken it upon itself to occupy the role designed for the real peace maker, Jesus-how audacious of the UN to say the least. Think about if you accept the UN as the only solution for world peace, you might as well end your life because you rejected Jesus and by default, you’re resigned to evolution with no purpose for you-it’s game over, so what’s the point anymore of continuing to live. Just think about what your really saying and really advocating when you call the UN the only solution for world peace (to top it off the UN are basically just a coalition of ten countries and their leaders.)

I will say, the alternatives to God have some pretty strange thoughts. They think God doesn’t exist or won’t act. But evolutionists or whatever have to think this way because God has put this thinking in their hearts only to bring them to a place called Armageddon.

A vulgar marxist analysis points out some disturbing points about Warren Jeffs, the Mormon church leader. First, Warren Jeffs is a capitalist; that is, he belongs to a bourgeois class which owns the means of production, land, and capital. However, the proletariat class consisting of church members are exploited and alienated from their labour and surplus value. Even more insidious, religion was an ideology that dominated and divided the working class to the benefit of the bourgeoise, so the proletariats had developed a false consciousness when dealing with capitalists; as a result, the church members would need to become class conscious and overcome some common sense ideas (for the ideas of the proletariat are the ruling class ideas of the bourgeoise), unite, and revolt and emancipate themselves of the capitalist with new ideas. Warren Jeffs is a capitalist a.k.a bourgeoise a.k.a ruling class elite, if you follow a Marxist analysis.

Of course, a neo-Marxist, structuralist, post-structuralist, or post-modern framework analysis would yield equally disturbing information on Warren Jeffs. Such analysis might focus on power, race, classes, language, or resistance. For instance, analysis done from a Louis Althusser, Antonio Gramsci, or Nicole Machiavelli approach would reveal disturbing insights into Warren Jeffs, the FLDS leader.

Something about polygamy and intermarriage. If you believe the bible, we all stem from our ancestors Abraham and Sarah who were brother and sister, as well as Lot, Abraham’s nephew, and his daughters, who conceived his children. The same can be said about Issac and Rebecca from the Old Testament. (The Mosaic Law would outlaw adultery 200 years later.) Also, if you trace family trees, you will find a lot of cousin marriages right here in the US or anywhere-it’s really common. Maybe, a documentary needs to be made about how society has lots of intermarriage today.

Before I move on to another review, I would like to say something about religion, property, and people getting rich off that property. First, it should be stated property always has an owner, always; therefore, If a religious corporation owns property, somebody has an interest in that property in the present and future ; it’s just a matter of who and when-this has been going on for a thousand years. That being said, all the land, buildings, and assets of a corporation are owned, for it would be chaos if there wasn’t a land deed of these estates, etc. Lots of people stand to gain a lot or get rich off a religion and it’s corporate property.

Here’s a question I ask myself about religions, property, and corporations. The question is this: ”Why do these religions need all this property and money?” I mean, Jesus and his apostles never had millions or billions of dollars like these religious corporations of today. Something ain’t right about these rich churches and religious corporations when Jesus was poor and homeless during his ministry.

Finally, here’s one last thing to think about. If you believe there is a real God out there who cares, you know that up to this point in time, he has allowed the authorities of this world to exist and remain where they are. (kind of like how God kept the Egyptian Pharaoh’s heart hard to prove his points to only destroy him in the end.) But you can be sure when the time comes when he’s had enough (appointed time), he will sweep away these authorities like dust because they finally have no purpose anymore- that being using the authorities just long enough to clear his name, Jehovah, and prove his point of his sovereignty, only Jehovah has the right to rule man.

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