It’s finale night on USA BB 2022. Here are my thoughts on the winner, Taylor. Also, I give my thoughts on Monty and Turner. Let’s get started with the last episode of BB.

In the finale, Taylor won BB. I was glad Taylor won after Monty didn’t take Turner to finale 2. I feel Turner was betrayed, so I am glad Taylor won over Monty.

I have to say this, but I didn’t support Taylor for her reasons why she should get the prize. That being said, I don’t vote, or support social movements due to my religion, the JW faith, which states Jehovah’s kingdom is the only solution to world problems. (Matthew 24:14) Having said this, I just felt that Taylor was a better choice over Monty after treating Turner bad-minus the political stuff Taylor was a really likeable person who you could like for being resilient.

In the game, Monty didn’t seem to appeal to me. This being the case, he was hiding information about his rich family and one of their homes abroad, and he did Turner wrong who was only trying to be his friend. Perhaps, I would of felt better about Monty if he didn’t omit information about his rich family or didn’t do trusting Turner so wrong in the game.

In the game, Turner stood out to me the most. He showed grace when his best friend in the house, Monty, betrayed him and evicted him-friends don’t do that Monty! Plus, there was something about the guy that I liked; maybe it was the fact that he lived in a van, and he wasn’t a materialistic person. Plus, he had his own style, and he didn’t mind wearing second hand clothing, which I occasionally wear too.

In summary, I really enjoyed this season. This season was right up there with season 8 as my favourites on BB. I thoroughly enjoyed this finale.

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