Here’s the third last broadcast of the season. The first highlight is an observation of mine on this season. The next highlight is Monty who is worried about his image. As well, Monty is experiencing tribulation in his relationship. And to boot it, Brittany is evicted. These are some highlights of the third last airing of the season.

To begin, I don’t know if you noticed this about this season’s main alliance, but last season’s final alliance had something to do with food. Last season’s final alliance was The Cookout, and this season you got The Left Overs. That’s an odd thing for two years of final alliances named after food in a roll-It’s like somebody got lazy and just said lets name them after food.

This episode, the game is almost done.

“The only people left in the house are Left Overs,” observes Monty about the final four house guests.

Even at the end, it’s game on for Taylor.

“I know Turner beats both of us,”discloses Taylor while hugging Monty.

This broadcast, we learn Monty is worried about how people see him on TV while spending the night with Taylor in bed. All I can say, Monty should of thought about that before he committed sexual immorality.

During this airing, Monty must decide who to take to final 3. Monty picks Turner over Brittany. Good call, Monty.

It’s this segment, too, where we see tribulation in Monty’s and Taylor’s relationship. This suffering comes out in a scene where Monty claims Taylor said something insensitive about him being a godfather to a one-year-old girl. Feeling hurt and disappointed, Monty tunes out Taylor to listen to Beyonce on headphones. Nice way to start off a relationship.

BB shares some Michael news with us during this airing. Apparently, Michael has hit the jury house. And jury members are really surprised and happy about it.

Toward the end of the broadcast, the eviction happens. Brittney is evicted. Hooray!

This episode, too, Julie Chan brings in The Cookout to chime into BB. Apparently, The Cookout sound like they favour Taylor. I guess that would be their pick.

However, I think we may see another winner. I think Turner could win this thing. Lets hope for the best winner.

Oddly, the final 3 celebrate their survival on BB. They celebrate with champagne. And Taylor wastes half the champagne by shaking it all over the floor.

In summary, a few things caught my attention in this segment. I don’t think last season and this season’s main alliances were named after food is a coincidence. I also think Monty got what he deserved when he fooled around with Taylor. These highlights stood out to me on this broadcast.

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