Here’s some highlights in regards to episode 32 of BB. To begin, Turner is not trusting Brittany. Next, Taylor doesn’t trust Turner or Brittany, so she puts them on the block. Finally, Monty sees the writing on the wall when it comes to Brittany.

In this episode, Turner has doubts about Brittany.

“Toy tester, my ass. You are something else,” Turner on a manipulating Brittney. 

Monty knows it wouldn’t be wise to keep Brittany around the house.

“I don’t think Britney is taking me to final two. Let alone final three,” reveals a concerned Monty in the DR.

We learn, in this airing, the BB women have a plan. That plan is the women want a woman to win BB. These women are Brittany and Taylor.

Monty knows all about Brittany.

“I see the writing on the wall with her,” says Monty about a scheming Brittany.

During the broadcast, Taylor nominates Brittney and Turner. It’s safe to assume that Taylor would not nominate her lover, Monty. Therefore, Taylor nominates two other house guests.

As this broadcast continues, Brittany lays her cards on the table.

“I do not trust Monty or Turner to bring me to final three,” Brittany tells us.

It seems Brittany has had an impression on Monty.

“Brittany is so unpredictable,” Monty tells us.

Taylor is confident about winning BB.

“I am positive I can beat you in the final two,” Taylor says in DR about Brittany.

It looks like Monty is taking the game. Monty is in final 3 and decides who comes with him to the end. All because Monty won POV. 

This airing, or more precisely this week, Monty has the sole vote to evict because he won POV. He will probably evict Brittney. Lets hope he does.

Here’s how the game should play out. Monty must evict Turner or Brittany on eviction night. However, Monty isn’t confident that Brittany will take him to the final two, so he’ll probably evict her unless Taylor changes his mind. But Taylor will win, if Monty falls for Taylor’s plan of keeping Brittany.

To conclude, the game is almost over in episode 32. Turner has to get rid of Brittany to cruise to the end. Monty, too, has to give Brittany the ole heeve ho. And Taylor must get rid of the left overs of BB. There are only 3 more episodes to the end of the game.

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