BB is almost over, so here are my highlights. As we first learn, Alissa is evicted. Also, this could be Taylor season. Finally, Monty and Taylor are fooling around and shack up in the BB house. I hope you enjoy these highlights.

Lets get this party started. First of all, Alissa is evicted. You had to see this coming, if you watched past episodes.

On to the next highlight, Taylor wins HOH. She won and guaranteed herself final four. Taylor nominated Turner and Brittany.

Lets do some speculating if Taylor wins BB. Taylor could win over Brittany. However, I think Brittany would still vote for her, if Brittany lost.

About Taylor’s final two, I think Taylor takes Monty to final two. After all, they had a romance in the house.

There is a way for Taylor to lose BB. Taylor could take Brittany. I just think Michael in jury could scrape up votes for Taylor. 

At this point I don’t think Monty can beat Taylor if he gets rid of Turner. Taylor has the women votes in jury. Plus, she survived this long because people like her.

This episode we learn Monty wants to commit sexual immorality.

“Damn it! It’s been 70 days, and I am just a mortal man,” confesses Monty.

Here’s my strategy for Taylor. I think Taylor should put up Monty and Brittney, if she is smart. That way, she can back door Monty and go with Brittney to final two. But she’ll probably vote with heart and go to final 2 with Monty.

In conclusion, a few things stood out about this airing. First, Alissa is sent to jury. As well, Taylor and Monty are common law man and wife. I hope you liked this episode.

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