It’s this broadcast where we see scenes from last double eviction. First, much of this footage focused on Michael’s eviction, which got ugly. Also, we saw Brittany take a verbal beating from Michael, which never aired to now. Finally, we see Michael dash around the BB house, as if diagnosed with ADHD. All this footage went down on other live cams not aired on the live Double Eviction Night.

During this broadcast and looking back, Michael rejected good advice, which cost him dearly. Brittany tried to get Michael to take out a big target, but Michael did what Michael wanted. Now he’s gone.

This episode we learn Michael did not take responsibility for his eviction. Live feeds show Michael accusing Brittany of leaking information. However, if you didn’t want a leak, you should of said nothing Michael. Take some responsibility Michael.

It’s this airing where we see Michael was desperate and he begged Monty to not put him on the block, because Michael saved Monty three times from the block. However, Monty didn’t want to look stupid for not putting Michael up. This convo wasn’t seen or aired last episode 

Turner denied being a manipulator in the game. Word is Turner wanted Michael gone, so Turner could be the only LGBT person in the BB house. And Michael called Turner a manipulator, which wasn’t seen last episode.

Monty and Turner were going to get Michael.

“We cannot miss. Or we are out the door next,” Turner to Monty on taking a shot at Michael.

Here’s what Michael said about Brittany, in an act of desperation to save himself.

“Brittany is talking and spinning. She’s lying about a lot. She’s lying about her profession,” reveals Michael as he throws Brittany under the bus on the block.

Michael is practically spinning in circles as he runs around the house.

“I have never seen Michael like this,” an astonished Alissa says out loud.

After everything, I’ll say Brittany is an under estimated player. She has a very strong social game. She knows the house wants to keep her to go up against her in the final two. And she outlasted Michael in the game.

In summary, lots of things happened last episode which we did not see. Essentially, Michael flipped out on the whole house and played the drama queen. Too bad we only get to see the live cams BB chooses on live evictions when there are so many other live cameras catching good footage.

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