It’s Double Eviction Night and what a night for scandalous ratings. First, the racist Mormon Kyle heads to jury to cast his racist vote, against a potential African American winner. Why would CBS allow this? Anyways, next, Michael, a gay man and lawyer, is a really, really poor sport when he’s finally ejected from the BB house. This is a night you won’t forget.

Lets begin with like in a war, Julie sees new alliances emerging in the game-just like the League of Nations a.k.a UN during WW1.

“New alliances begin to emerge as everyone plans their end game,” adds a smiling Julie.

Jury campaigns have begun in this episode. Because everyone knows friends in jury will make you a winner, house guests are thinking pleasing potential jury members as the game gets close to the end. Let the campaigns begin.

It’s this airing where we learn Kyle was so wrong about his racist comment. We see Joseph and Jasmine confront him when he reaches jury. He is confronted about his Cookout comparison of this season. However, Joseph and Jasmine tell Kyle that they had no such alliance based on race.

Joseph calls out Kyle on Kyle’s racist thinking.

“The minorities were getting together?” Joseph questions Kyle.

Basically, Kyle says he fears a black planet

“That was my fear,” Kyle tells Joseph.

In a non-obvious way, we learn Kyle was blinded by his own racism and hate.

“The minority Arab kid was doing everything to protect you,” Joseph explains to Kyle.

Interestingly, Jasmine saw Michael use a racist situation to benefit his game.

“Michael must of used that against you,” Jasmine relates to Joseph in regards to Kyle.

Astutely, Joseph put it together that Michael used a racist situation to send Kyle to jury.

“Is that why you are here? Michael used it against you,” Joseph asks Kyle.

Joseph sees how Michael and Brittany conveniently used racism to further their game.

“So why did it come up now?” Joseph on Kyle’s racist comment.

Joseph drives home the point of Michael and Brittany conveniently using racism in the BB game.

“What was convenient about it now?” Joseph wonders out loud to Kyle.

Kyle said that Monty and Terrance knew it was too convenient for Michael and Brittany to bring up the race issue of Kyle.

“That was Monty’s and Terrance’s concern,” Kyle added.

Finally, Terrance is sent to the jury. Terrance, after 5 times on the block, ended his stay in the BB house. Terrance was voted out in tonight’s double eviction.

Someone needs to go on the block now. Turner puts Brittney and Alissa up. Turner is the HOH and must nominate two house guests.

Later in the game, Monty used his POV to take Alissa off the block. Now, Turner puts up Michael as replacement nominee.

It’s a very, very bad day for Michael and Brittany. Brittney and Michael look so sad on the block. Why are they crying and trying to play the victims when they used race to further their game? Something is so wrong here.

Break kicks in before another eviction must happen on double eviction night. Notable, Michael is heard talking about an LQBT person during break to Turner. Some identity politics goes down behind cameras.

It looks like Michael is really freaking out. During break, he is seen leading Taylor and Alissa around behind him like they are children. Later, Brittany states she never saw Michael ever act like this.

Finally, this broadcast, Michael is evicted while acting like a poor sport.

“Everyone stay seated, I have one thing I would like to say,” as Michael leaves the house without a hug or word, as everyone is seated and waiting.

During his talk with Julie after his eviction, Michael tells Julie his game strategy.

“My game was based on telling people what they wanted to hear and trying to play the middle,” Michael sheepishly tells Julie.

After tonight’s eviction, we learn something about the lawyer Michael. It seems Michael is unpredictable. Unpredictability is a bad quality for a lawyer to have in his profession.

Not only this, Michael is mad. He didn’t even hug or talk to house guests on his way out the door. Michael is such a poor sport. Yes, Michael is mad.

In conclusion, this episode had me wondering one thing: How can an African American get a fair jury when a racist like Kyle is sitting on jury? We know from law cases that a racist jury is an unfair jury. How can CBS BB producers send a racist person to a jury to taint and decide who gets $750,000, especially when it could be an African American? Unless CBS BB producers never planned for an African American to make it to the end game.

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