This broadcast is odd. That being said, Turner reveals his sexual orientation. As well, Terrance sees the dirty game play of Michael and Brittany. Later, in the airing, Michael breaks a BB record. And lastly, Brittany turns on her Michael. Hope you like these highlights from this episode.

As we start to watch this segment, we learn Turner sees tempers rising in the BB house.

“Terrance is ready to explode on Michael,” reveals a concerned Turner.

However, Turner isn’t mad, but he does want to get even with a house guest.

“Throw him under the bus with peace and love. Then I am perfectly fine,” says an observant Turner who makes fun of peace and love in today’s world.

When it comes to the game, Terrance knows how sneaky, dirty, and racist, Michael and Brittany have played the game.

“I do not like the way Michael is playing the game. The way him and Britney manipulated the situation about Kyle.. It still doesn’t add up in my mind… You send me to jury, the whole jury is going to know about your dirty game plan. Maybe you will consider sending someone else… Those are going to be some conversations I am going to have,” states a serious Terrance in the DR.

On a different game front, Turner is unwilling to take responsibility in the game.

“I can pin all this on Terrance,” smiles Turner in DR.

Moreover, Turner uses BB to come out of the closet.

“I am a proud bi-sexual man,” confesses a smiling Turner.

In other news, Michael breaks the BB record for single most POV wins in a summer. Say bye to BB legend Jenelle’s old record.

I should say Brittany has the strongest social game in my opinion. She has Michael under her thumb. Plus, she is excellent at manipulation and damage control. Finally, she hypnotizes people in real life. I would say that is some social game.

It looks like Brittany and Michael have divisions in their relationship. That is, Brittney is targeting Michael this week. So much for the philosophy of where Michael says if you are not with me you are against me, which I bet he never meant for Brittany when he said it.

It’s Veto time at the end of this broadcast. With that, Michael decides to not use the POV. Alissa or Terrance will be going to jury.

Overall, a few highlights stood out to me. First, Terrance sees the dirty game play in the house, but it remains to be seen if Terrance can capitalize on the guilt of some players. Also, Brittany’s targeting Michael is a huge crack in the comp beast’s armour. I enjoyed this broadcast.

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