To start this episode, here are my highlight picks. We start with house guests wanting Michael out of the house. Onto more news, Monty is gunning for Michael. Also, we see Zingbot roast Brittany. Finally, Michael made a bad move and just blew his chances of winning BB. This is a good episode.

To get this segment going, the BB house really wants someone evicted. “Back door Michael. Michael is my target,” said all the house guests in DR.

There is FYI in this broadcast.

”Math was never my strong suit. And this is a math problem from hell,” discloses Taylor.

People act strange in this episode. For instance, one second Turner is thinking Michael has to go and hating him, the next second Turner is putting the HOH around Michael’s neck and smiling. All I got to say is don’t turn your back on Turner or he will stab you.

There is a secret meeting. Michael, Brittney, and Taylor meet in the food room. Strangely, Batman music is playing.

This segment Monty has made it known he’s gunning for Michael. Monty tells Terrance, his go to buddy. Monty is just waiting for Michael to slip.

Zingbot made an appearance in this show. “Jeepers Creepers where did you get those crazy eyes,” says Zingbot, to Brittany, in reference to a demon who wants people’s eyes.

Monty finally woke up. He realizes Michael and Britney would never take him to final 2.

With a fire started under him, Monty is thinking gameplay coming down the pike. Monty sees Michael and Brittany spinning the Kyle scandal to look like it’s Kyle’s fault in the jury house or near the end game to garner votes. Wicked game play is going on all I can say.

Meanwhile, Turner tells Michael, the current HOH, what Michael wants to hear. Turner does this to people when he has made up his mind about a game move. Turner does not disclose the backdoor plan to Michael.

It should be stated Brittany knows the game. She knows the memory comps are coming up. She realizes if they don’t get rid of Turner now, they could be on the block or going to jury soon. We will see.

This episode sees Michael make a bad move, which he will regret in the future. That is Michael dropped the ball at nominations when he nominated Alissa and Terrance who are weak players. He should of made a big move and nominated Monty who will now capitalize on Michael’s mistake.

Michael has taken an aggressive stance when it comes to game play in this segment.

“If you are not working with me, you are working against me. Time to throw DJ Showtime under the bus,” smiled Michael in DR.

Terrance is bullied by Michael during this episode.

“I didn’t tell Michael everything he wanted to hear. For this trivial reason is why he put me on the block. Hilarious,” smiles Terrance.

Overall, there was really only one highlight that stood out in tonight’s segment. That was Michael lost BB when he did not put Monty on the block. This episode will be remembered for Michael giving the BB game away.

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