We begin this broadcast with a few highlights. First, Kyle must face the gauntlet for being racist. Also, Michael wants to be a queer kid’s role model. Finally, Monty realizes Michael must go to the jury. These are some highlights of tonight’s airing.

We begin with Michael admitting being a role model for queer kids in the DR. But how can Michael be a role model for queer kids when he gets mad and bottles up his negative emotions? Michael would be a poor spokesmen or spokeswoman, in my opinion.

On to Kyle and his racism. Kyle lies about bringing up the Cookout in regards to him being labeled a racist. But it’s all on video, Kyle, and video don’t lie like you.

Onto sad news, Terrance is crying because Kyle made him get rid of Joseph. And Terrance realizes Joseph was right, but he listened to a racist Kyle. Terrance now realizes Kyle should of been the one to leave instead of Joseph.

In a moment of clarity, Terrance wonders why Michael and Brittney did not come to the “black people” right away when Kyle advanced his race alliance. Terrance says they were smart, but Terrance knows Michael and Brittney are guilty, too, like Kyle.

For being a racist, there is hell to pay in the house. Kyle is crucified in a house meeting and put on the block. Not only this, Alissa breaks off her relationship with Kyle.

Interestingly, Michael and Brittney disappear into the background quietly. It’s probably to not catch heat from an angry house. Needless to say, Terrance is mad at them for not speaking up when they first learned about Kyle’s racism.

Racism, these days, seems to be a headliner on BB. Needless to say,, BB, a money making corporation, gets ratings off scandalous content, so racism, like any publicity, is good publicity, at the end of the day.

Finally, based on Brittney’s and Michael’s cunning in the game in regards to racism and Kyle, Monty has an epiphany. He confides in Taylor that if they don’t take out Michael they will lose. Taylor realizes the situation and is on board with a plan to back door Michael, if they get the chance.

In summary, a few story lines got my attention, First, Terrance ain’t buying Michael’s and Brittany’s story about just now coming to the house sbout Kyle’s racism. Also, Monty woke up and knows what to do when it comes to Michael. I enjoyed this episode

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