Oh boy, this broadcast gets ugly. First, Michael and Brittany expose a racist Kyle. As well, they conveniently use the opportunity to wash their hands of their own racism. Meanwhile, Turner is onto racist Michael and Brittany. This is an ugly episode .

Lets start the ugliness off with Monty admits to voting Michael out. Like duh. Why even say it when you should of been doing it. Sheesh, some people .

After being saved from eviction by Michael, Kyle reveals some disturbing information. He says, “Your ass is grass,” when referring to Michael. You should of never helped Kyle, Michael.

Turner is being honest about the game. Turner is going to backdoor Michael. At least Turner is honest about it.

Michael knows Turner is telling him what he wants to hear. Michael plays nice anyways. What can you do when someone is after you? Just be glad he ain’t physically attacking you

On to more news, Michael says Kyle gives him a weird feeling. But I think Michael gets weird feelings from everyone. Come on, the guy is queer as a bedbug.

Talking about bad moves, Kyle compares a group in the house to The Cookout. This was the infamous moment where Kyle was seen to be racist. It happened while talking to Michael.

Why is everyone smiling on BB? It’s kind of sickening. That is not real life: who acts like that? The comps feel so fake like the smiles.

A gay movie called Bros was aired on BB. Of course, everybody screamed “yay” and smiled. Of course, this is not reality

Surprise, surprise, Michael won the gay Bros movie comp. And, get this, the comp had a rainbow colorer track.

Moving on, Michael reveals to Monty and Taylor that Kyle wants to play along racial lines. However, Michael and Britney see this as a bad move, which they let the house know. Rather than have Kyle’s plan bite them, they put all their cards on the table, Good move, Michael and Britney since you could use Kyle’s plan working to get rid of him like you wanted.

Let it be known, Turner isn’t fooled by Muchael and Brittany.

“Way too convenient that they bring this info to me on this same day“ in regards to Kyle and Taylor, a friend, on the chopping block

In brief, this was sn ugly but real segment. Kyle got racist in the game, and Michael and zBrittany were smart enough to pin the rap on Kyle. However, Turner saw it all and wasn’t fooled. The game got ugly and real.

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