The highlights of episode 23 were few, but they were interesting. For one, Michael is stressed out. Also, turns out Dyre Fest was torture for some guests. Check out these latest highlights.

We get the ball rolling with Michael feeling anxious as the house is reunited. But what’s the point of being stressed out or worrying, Micheal? It’s not like getting anxious will change anything at all. In fact, getting anxious could make things worse. 

Anxiety does not help. For example, if a person had cancer, what good would worrying about it do? It’s not like you can change the fact that you are going to die. In fact, it might be better to laugh about your impending death-or laughing about anything that worries one. But anxiety really helps nobody.

Kyle is really making himself look bad. He can’t seem to pull himself away from Alissa, or he can’t seem to get out of bed with Alissa. We saw all this in this segment, and Kyle is some kind of Mormon, which he said too in earlier broadcasts.

The guests at Dyre Fest have some stories to tell. “I woke up and ants were crawling over me. We slept on the ground. Pouring in sweat all over my face in this hot box of a sleeping bag,” says Alissa.

Turner felt like Dyre Fest was a hardship. “That tent made it an oven,” chimes in Turner.

To conclude, here are the moments of this airing worth mentioning. Michael has to chill, because his needless worrying is a waste of time. Also, who knew a festival could really be a punishment. Finally, Kyle is really ruining his reputation. These were my highlights from this broadcast.

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