There’s a few interesting highlights in this broadcast. Michael did not evict Monty, which was strange gameplay. BB makes TMZ for racism, which seems to be more publicity for BB. There is a new confederation in the house. Plus, there’s lots of guests patting themselves on the back in this one. I hope you enjoy these highlights.

Wow. The house kept Monty. That was a mistake for Michael. Now Monty has a another chance at the prize-unless the game is fixed where it wouldn’t matter how many times Monty was saved.

However, I feel BB is a rigged game. Why? Because evicting Monty would of been a confirmation of racism in the house-not that racism didn’t get BB free press on TMZ. That being said, perhaps, BB wanted things to cool then they would quietly go ahead with getting rid of Monty and giving the prize to Michael.

On to other news. As you know, it would of been best to keep Jasmine if you were in the final 2. Jasmine is a floater, so the jury would vote for you. You would win, but the house evicted Jasmine.

There is a new alliance in the house. It’s called The After Party. We will see how long this confederation lasts.

It’s official: Joseph has gone to jury, Now, Jasmine, too, has gone to the jury. The ”game” just got smaller.

There lots of self congratulations in this segment. Terrance gave himself a pat on the back for winning. And Michael was overly dramatic when putting the POV on Brittney, which felt so staged and phoney.

In brief, this segment made one think. For example, is BB using racism for ratings? It wouldn’t be the first time a corporation used sensationism to make money. Also, why in the world would you keep the strongest player and not evict him when you had a chance? These highlights stood out in this broadcast.

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