Here’s some highlights for this segment. First, there is cheating around the house. Next, Monty is on the block. Plus, Turner said something real. Finally, Kyle is a snake. These are the highlights of episode 21.

Lets start with is Kyle retarded? Apparently, Kyle turns traitor on his own alliance. He shared this info at Dyre Fest in the DR.

Here’s something strange about Dyre Fest. There is no privacy. Everyone must pick a corner for some kind of privacy.

BB producers probably separated guests because of cheating. And BB probably wanted to watch Dyre Fest since they suspected some cheating in that group. It probably happened because outsiders were yelling things over the wall at guests.

Back to the game, Terrance needs to send Kyle to the jury house. He needs to break up Kyle and Alissa to improve his odds. Play the game, Terrance. 

In this episode, Turner said something so very true. Turner said: “There is so much information coming into my brain every day that I don’t even remember what I know anymore. I am going crazy.” What Turner said happens even if you are not playing the game.

At the end of the segment, Michael nominates Jasmine and Monty. Jasmine should of not been nominated, because you want to go against her on final night. On the other hand, Monty was a good pick since he is a strong player to get rid of. I guess two out of three ain’t bad, Michael.

When it came to this airing, here are the comp results. Brittany won POV. Michael won HOH.

Lastly, Kyle is a snake. First, he betray his alliance. Next, he betray Joseph, his buddy. Watch out for Kyle.

In sum, these were the noteworthy highlights. Monty is on the block, which is a good move. As well, Kyle is the snake, that everybody knew. Finally, when will guests stop cheating on BB. Hope you like these apples.

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