Here’s the highlights for this broadcast. The house split and there are two HOH’s. Michael gets a love letter from his husband, while Michael schemes to get rid of Monty. Finally, Terrance please send the floater, Joseph, packing. These are your highlights.

Turner has mixed feelings about the game. For one, Turner yawns at the thought of The Left Overs dominating in the house. As well, Turner laughs at living in the backyard for a week. Turner is one interesting dude.

Terrance “da bull,” a nick name for him, gets HOH. Apparently, Terrance wants to make a huge impact. But I think he should pick an easier goal, since he ain’t exactly been winning comps.

On to other biz, Michael picks Monty for Brochella. He says it’s for a workout buddy, but look at Michael; he’s skinny as s twig and never works out. I think Michael wants to keep his enemies close. 

We’re learning Dyre Fest is a place to suffer. This being the case, Terrance has to have his HOH in a tent, as he reads a love letter from his wife. Plus Terrance is wearing a shirt covered with brown stains, which has to be a punishment, right? Dyre Fest looks bad.

In the HOH, Michael reads his letter from his husband. All the girls sighed, laughed,  and said “awww.” As for Monty, he was quiet the whole time. To each their own.

I hope Terrance makes that ”big move.” Please send Joseph home, because Joseph is a floater. Be cool, Terrance, and send Joseph packing.

In sum, it was a sparse episode. But Terrance did win HOH a first time. Time to send the floater home to his mommy. Needless to say, I liked it too.

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