This live eviction has drama. First, we see BB get into racism, which feels like sensationalism to get ratings. Next, we see voting blocs along identity politics. As well, we see a bad skit of Sid and Nancy. Plus, jury campaigns have started. Not only this, the Cook Out alliance comes back to bite BB, while BB goes into damage control this time around. These are just some highlights from eviction night.

The house guests are just giving the prize to Michael. Whenever they talk game, they let Michael in on it. And they all just forget that Michael has five combos under his belt. And I know Michael can’t be that likeable to throw the prize to him, so the game is fixed, right?

It appears the DR room isn’t sound proof. Brittney complained she could hear Indy’s punk performance from inside DR.. But I bet some of those house guests, who screamed in the past, were heard in the DR room.

The punk noise is getting to some in the house. Britney is hiding in the DR, surprise surprise. Terrance is looking grouchy as hell. And for once Michael is quiet, because he’s stewing.

Kyle, the Mormon or ex-Mormon, is playing with his wicked heart. He did not use the veto, because he wanted Alissa off the block. But The Left Overs wanted Monty up, so now they will target Kyle; consequently, Kyle threw away the game for  immorality, which now allows him to spend more time in bed with Alissa.

In secret discussions, Micheal is made aware of an alliance based on race in the house. But Michael is cunning enough to know that would be the wrong reason to go after a race alliance. Michael says he needs a pretext to go after the racial alliance, because he would look like a racist, if he did, right?

It’s a good thing CBS divided the house in a surprise twist. Racial divisions needed to be halted in the house. See racism was a big story last season with the Cook Out alliance, where an African American actually won. CBS was in damage control mode; however, sensationalism gets ratings and sells, so CBS isn’t in trouble, right?

Of course, house guests and CBS will never admit racism- unless it increases ratings and sells more Tide detergent, ha ha. Guests will not come out and say they voted along racial lines, which Brittney has said. She will not do it, because it looks bad, and a winner can’t be racist, right? CBS won’t admit the Cook Out alliance was race based. In fact, everyone will deny, deny, deny, and Michael will be allowed to win in order to not repeat last season’s race fiasco. So now the game falls along a different line, which is LGBT identity politics, right?

Here’s something everyone knows in politics. When voting blocs are formed, these blocs decide elections. Here, blocs are formed based on identity politics and shared interests in order to win the BB game, right?

On to other highlights, Turner, the face planter, made a real funny comment. He said Joseph looked like an iguana because he loves to go shirtless  and soak up the sun. Turner was funny.

More on the new highlights, Sid and Nancy visited BB. Joseph was Sid while Taylor was Nancy. Ironically, they had to sleep together where Nancy spent her last night. Not to be out done, they had to go to the bathroom together where Nancy died in real life. Pretty good BB skit, right?

Let the jury house campaigns begin. First, Michael is giving sympathy votes in hopes of buying jury votes. On the other hand, Taylor ain’t with it. BB, just fess up, you made it so Michael could win.

In sum, this eviction night felt like last season. The house divided along race, but BB came to the rescue with a new twist to damage control. Oh yeah, Sid and Nancy was ok. Check this broadcast out for yourselves and come to your own conclusions .

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