Here’s a few highlights from eviction night, First, the feeds show a worried Michael in regards to Daniel. Next, Alissa has doubts about Kyle. Additionally, Daniel is onto a secret alliance. As well, it would be great to have Britney in the final two, if you were a top competitor. Finally, the judges defer on Daniel’s case to the majority. These highlights stood out to me on eviction night.

You should know, ha ha, that Michael continues to worry about Daniel in the BB house. “I view Daniel as the biggest threat to my game,” Michael says of Daniel, the Vegas Elvis Impersonator.

During last week on day 27, Daniel and Nicole figured out their was a secret alliance, because they were always upstairs when they were downstairs. They labeled it “The Sorry Six.”

Daniel is the target of The Left Overs for this week’s eviction. The Left Overs want to send Daniel packing, if they have the numbers. It’s looking like they can do it.

Here’s something that added a touch of class. There was chill 50’s cocktail music in this segment. I thought that music added something to the show.

We learn Kyle has questions about his final 2, Alissa. His concerns have to do with a sloppy plan to get Monty out, which Alissa supported. Kyle worries about nothing, while on the block.

Before eviction day, Daniel is onto Kyle. That is, Daniel figures out Kyle distracts him so the Left Overs can meet upstairs. However, it could be too late to change things, Daniel.

Alissa is wondering  about her relationship with Kyle. Could Kyle just be using her to get the milk without paying for the cow? If it walks and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck, Alissa.

Upon eviction, Daniel calls the house guests names like bozos, clowns, and circus performers. Oh yeah, he said Michael has 5 competitions under his belts and to watch out for Michael. Daniel may be right about the season getting boring, but he looks like a poor sport during his eviction.

Brittney is the ultimate floater. If you are a final two, you want her to be sitting beside you, because you will win the $750, 000. Besides Michael, I hope the other house guests realize that

The court convenes on the case of Daniel. The judges defer to the majority. The Left Overs send Daniel home.

In sum, eviction night was ok. Daniel was evicted, but he was entertaining. As well, The Left Overs, or at least the house guests, need to understand they need the floater, Britney, sitting beside them on the last night. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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