Here’s the latest news on the BB house. Monty and Daniel are out for each other. Michael wins the POV and makes nominations, while taking shots at Daniel. As well, Jasmine has nothing better to do, while Turner is a bold face liar. These are just some goings on in the BB house.

Let’s start things off with saying Monty wants Daniel evicted. Monty is tired of Daniel’s emotional outbursts. The last straw for Monty was during Nicole’s eviction, where Daniel had some choice words.

Before you jump the gun, Daniel also wants Monty evicted. However, Daniel wants nominations to stay the same, because he wants Monty gone, but Daniel can put up with Monty, if he has to.

We see in this segment Jasmine is still harping about her missing muffin. Message to Jasmine: nobody cares. There are more important things to do in the house-like clean up.

Surprisingly, Turner lies to Jasmines face. Turner lies boldly like it’s nothing to him. Turner should just own up and move on.

Taylor knows the real threat in the house. Taylor says, “Let’s be real. The big shot is Monty.”

Apparently, Taylor likes chips. She loves them. I bet Lays loves it when she plugs their product.

Jasmine, a floater, cripple, is beating five House guests in the Otiv, a false god worshiping themed comp. The game is fixed, though, as you know.

Michael won Otiv. The Left Overs agreed to throw it to him or Jasmine. It’s part of the Left Over’s gameplay.

Micheal uses the POV. Michael nominates Kyle and Daniel. Someone will probably be going home, and it looks like Daniel because Daniel rubbed Michael the wrong way-but I bet Michael gets lots of that in real life.

Of course, Michael had to take a shot at Daniel while at nominations. Michael told Daniel to apologize for rubbing people the wrong way. Someone tell Michael that’s not his place to be telling people what to do. I am sure Michael would have a hissy fit if someone treated him like that.

Briefly, not much to report on this broadcast. Michael won some comps and took time to chastise Daniel. Turner likes to lie. And Jasmine likes to roll around on the floor doing nothing. But it was an ok airing.

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