This broadcast has a few highlights. First, Daniel is mad. Next, Micheal is scared of Monty. As well, the house wants to use the old back door to get rid of Daniel. These highlights are just some gameplay that stood out to me.

As we slip into another episode of Big Brother, Daniel, the Vegas Elvis entertainer, goes against Monty and uses the veto. However this works for The Left Overs, since no blood is on their hands and they back door Nicole.

Daniel is emotional as hell with Nicole gone. This being the case, Daniel expects sympathy votes. In one scene, Daniel commented to Allissa that she should of gave Nicole a sympathy vote. Someone, please, explain to Daniel that this is BB, and he should stop acting like Nicole’s husband.

Things got  really ugly when Daniel attempts divide and conquer on the house. “You are able to convince people, manipulate them, and go with the herd.” Daniel says to Monty about how he could win BB in front of all the house guests.

It has to be restated, Daniel is playing an emotional game. He feels bad that Nicole went home, so he took it out on Monty and Alissa. If Daniel doesn’t wake up, he’ll be following Nicole out the door. .

Taylor confirms Daniel an emotional player. “I am happy he isn’t yelling at me. There is always an explosion with that one.”

Micheal won the HOH. His time was 11.79 in the beam race. Great playing, Micheal.

Looks like someone has a sense of fashion in the house. Indy wears her strap on her white top in two ways. One is the normal way while the other is both straps on one side. This one may join Taylor on the catwalk.

There is the case of who ate Jasmine’s muffin. Of course, Jasmine suspects everyone in the house of doing it. But it was her bestie, Turner, who can’t stand her, so he ate it. Too bad Nicole is gone because she would of figured it out.

Michael is worried about Monty. Michael feels Monty could win BB. Therefore Michael puts up Monty.

Better watch out, Monty, because Michael really wants you gone. You got strong support from the guys. You won competitions. And you’re a good strategic player. Of course, Michael wants you gone, because he knows he can’t beat you in the final vote.

Kyle, the Mormon, is heading down the path of destruction. He is about to commit immorality with Alissa. Someone tell Kyle that that the road to destruction is wide and spacious.

It’s looking like the back door for Daniel. They don’t want him around in the house. The mob will get rid of him in any way.

Micheal might go with what his alliance wants. That is, don’t make too many waves and back door Daniel. But I think Michael goes for what Michael wants rather than ruffle feathers.

Here are Michael’s nominations. Terrance, Joseph, and Monty. It’s Monty that Micheal really wants evicted because Monty is a stronger player than Micheal.

Overall, a few points stood out to me in this broadcast. First, Daniel is blowing his game. Also, Michael is scared of Monty to win BB. I can’t wait to watch the next eviction episode.

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