This live eviction was about one thing: Nicole, the gay ex-cop, is evicted. Though there are a few other matters in play, they don’t matter because Nicole, the main target, is sent packing. Word to the wise, don’t mess with the mob, Nicole.

During this live eviction, the gay ex-cop/detective was evicted by the house a.k.a mob. The mob had it with Nicole: The mob put her up as a pawn in hopes of a back door. Operation Back Door Nicole worked.

Global warming is an issue in the house. Much like much of the US feeling a heatwave after another, the house is getting hot. House guests are feeling the heat as we approach midway.

Kyle continued to spy for The Left Overs in this segment. He revealed to Monty that Daniel is using the POV. Now, when the time comes, Monty can nominate Nicole for a backdoor. 

What is up with Daniel and his pink water bottle? Is he gay too? You know he picked Nicole, who is gay, as his final two. I bet Daniel is gay-to each their own.

In secret, Nicole reveals to Alissa, Indy, and Jasmine that she was a police officer. The girls laughed at Nicole’s revelation. I don’t think Nicole got any votes disclosing that info.

Joseph says no more blind sides for The Left Overs. He says this because the mob will figure they are working together. However, I think the mob suspects anyways of another alliance in the house.

True to his word, Daniel votes to save Nicole. He votes to evict Taylor. Danial wants Nicole in his final two.

The vote is 9 to 1 to evict Nicole from the house. The gay ex-cop will be leaving the house. Doesn’t Nicole know never to challenge a mob?

After Nicole’s eviction, Daniel has something to say to the mob. “You all can’t split the check. Play for yourselves,” Daniel warns. But I think Daniel should of said nothing because now the mob might come after him.

Taylor had Nicole sized up. She knew Nicole would try to manipulate and control her game. Taylor was right, since Nicole admitted it to Julie.

Nicole was unsure of a larger alliance in the house. She figured something was up when Ameerah was evicted. However, due to inconclusive evidence, Nicole never figure it out about The Left Overs.

A funny moment occurred in this episode. Julie impersonated Nicole, saying: “I might be the one going home.” That was funny, Julie.

Julie tells Nicole The Left Overs bonded over feeling like they were the low men and women on the totem pole. They formed, too, cause Taylor was treated bad. I bet Nicole regrets yelling at Taylor now, since an alliance formed to get her out because of the Taylor incident.

In sum, goodbye Nicole. You should of not freaked out on Taylor. The mob did not like it and sent the gay ex-cop packing.

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