There’s a whole lot of wickedness in the Big Brother house during this airing. First, the house is filled with distrust. Next, Nicole is freaking out. As well, The Left Overs are gunning for Daniel and Nicole. Finally, Monty nominates a Bestie Festie. Someone better watch out in this broadcast.

Lets get the party started with there’s distrust in the Big Brother house. In this episode, we learn Ameerah’s eviction led to distrust among Poe’s Pack members. Here, we are talking about Allissa.

Not only this, there is drama in the house, With that, we see a freaking out Nicole screaming, “Wow!” Nicole is losing it.

With a laugh, I said boo hoo during this segment. I said it because Nicole said: “I didn’t get to say goodbye to my best friend.” Wahhhhh.

This episode sees Nicole, the former cop, scared. “He’s the only one I trust 100 percent, and I don’t know what this week is going to bring.”

Worried as hell, Nicole is catching on to Big Brother. She blurts out, saying, “I was aligned with an alliance who made a decision behind my back.”

Meantime, there is more action in the Big Brother house. Apparently, The Left overs are gunning for Daniel and Nicole. I hope they get Nicole before Daniel.

As a result of a new HOH, Nicole knows her time is running out in the Big Brother house. Nicole tells the DR, lamenting, “I am in survival mode… Monty is the HOH.”

This episode confirms Nicole’s worst fear in the Big Brother house when Monty tells DR some gameplay info.

“Nicole, you better watch out because the backdoor is coming.”

All in all, this airing was a good watch. We saw distrust grow in the wicked Big Brother house. Plus, we saw the ex-cop, Nicole, fighting for survival, because The Left Overs are going to backdoor her. Not a bad episode I must say.

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