Let’s jump into these stories of this broadcast. As a starter, the Dark Army kills Angela. Next, we see Whiterose is messed up. Also, Elliot gets into how messed up pagan Christmas is. As the segment gets rolling, a law firm does the Dark Army’s dirty work. Lastly, Elliot plans to drain Whiterose’s bank accounts, and Darlene is doing coke and feeling guilty. These are some good stories to follow in this one.

This episode starts with Angela and Philip Price. Angela tells her dad she wants revenge on Whiterose. Before you know it, the Dark Army kills Angela.

In a strange scene, Whiterose tells Price Angela made her choice. It’s strange because Whiterose killed Price’s child. The fact that Whiterose acted like this rubs me as real strange; would a normal person act like that?

Oh yeah, Elliot talked about how messed up Christmas really is. Did you know Christmas was invented in the 1800’s in the USA. Not only this, nobody knows when Jesus was born- certainly not December 25. And when the so-called three wise men -nobody knows how many wise men – showed up at Jesus’s home, he wasn’t a baby. Not only this, the bible doesn’t use wise men, but it uses “Magoi” that means occultists. And that star guiding the magoi was placed there by Satan- so the magoi could report back to King Herod who wanted to find Jesus and murder him. Elliot knows how messed up Christmas really is.

It’s this broadcast where Whiterose gets a law firm to do his dirty work. First, the law firm sets up shell corporations to move money around for Whiterose. Second, this law firm does the company filings for Whiterose. Finally, this law firm does incorporation docs, because they ask no questions and look the other way. And you thought law firms were all good guys.

During this airing, Elliot finds a way to kill the Dark Army. First, he needs to find their bank, which turns out to be Cyprus National Bank. Elliot is going to hit them in their pocket book which will really damage them.

We see Darlene strung out and feeling guilty in this broadcast. She’s doing coke and she feels guilty because Angela has disappeared. Not only this, Darlene thought she saw Angela at a homeless shelter. Darlene is having a bad day.

That being said, Elliot doesn’t have the heart to tell Darlene the truth about Angela. That is, Whiterose sent Elliot a pic of a very dead Angela. If Darlene knew the truth, it would break her.

A very depressed Darlene holds a party at Angela’s classy apartment. However, with all the cheeky guests trying on Angela’s clothing and going through her stuff, Darlene freaks out. Darlene goes into a scream fest and kicks everyone out while she breaks down on Angela’s bed.

Overall, a few story lines stood out. The law firm doing dirty work always reminds me never to forget what they are capable of doing. As well, Darlene should feel guilty. I enjoyed this broadcast.

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