This broadcast is a handful. Let’s start with the world is divided up by hackers. Next, multinational conglomerate CEO Price isn’t prepared to accept or acknowledge his corporate responsibility to the people. As well, Angela can’t accept that her loving dead mother is never coming back, ever. Finally, Elliot owns the Dark Army. These great stories pour out in Torrents.

We kick this broadcast off with Mr. Robot sending Elliot a message. Since Mr. Robot is kind of like a different partition of Elliot’s mind, Mr. Robot sends Elliot a message: ”They own the FBI.” Of course, Mr. Robot means FBI head Santiago, who is a Dark Army plant.

Moving along, Fsociety makes plans to break into Sentinel, an FBI storage network. Sentinel is considered the Fort Knox of closed networks. Fsociety has their work cut out for them.

When it comes to jurisdiction and hackers, this episode tells us the world is divided up by hackers. Fsociety handles hacking in the USA, which includes US data centers. The Dark Army handles China, which includes data centers in China. To take down a multinational conglomerate, all hackers must work together to overcome local jurisdictions.

Oddly, Mr. Robot left out Russia and it’s hackers. Nonetheless, I am sure some hacker group controls Russia. That being said, Mr. Robot never gets into the Russian side of hackers.

Meantime, Angela can’t accept that her mother is dead. She can’t accept, unlike Elliot who accepts his dead dad is never coming back, that she will never see her mother again, ever. Angela is having a break down due to a horrible fact of reality.

Not only that, Angela is paranoid, but she has cause. Angela thinks the Dark Army are trying to trap her, or they are listening to everything she says. She is right.

CEO Price isn’t willing to accept responsibility for the 5/9 hack. He only admits to men like him allow catastrophes to happen. Fact is there would be no 5/9 hack or attack if Price took his corporate responsibility serious.

Even in Angela’s depressed mental state, she prepares for the Dark Army. She takes all her most personal belongings and goes to live on the streets, as a bag lady. After leaving her high class apartment, she is found- by her dad.

This episode ends with Elliot owning The Dark Army. While in a fake meeting with the Dark Army, Elliot uses the opportunity to have malware uploaded on Dark Army servers. Elliot now owns the Dark Army.

Briefly, I enjoyed a few stories in this airing. The part about CEO Price and his lack of responsibility to the people was on point, but that’s the nature of corporations- with it’s limited liability and making money. Also, most people won’t deal with what Angela had the strength to do- deal with the fact she will never see her loving dead mother ever again. That being said, most people make up all kinds of things and they want to believe all good people go to heaven. Anyways, great stories to think about, though.

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