This broadcast has a lot going on in the background. The airing takes off with Trenton and Mobley being framed as Iranian plane terrorists. Next on the list is Mr. Robot clues in Krista about Elliot. Additionally, Mr. Robot discusses ”the conspiracy” and ”the narrative.” Not only that, Krista can’t report Elliot as the architect of 5/9. Finally, Tyrell Wellick and Fsociety hide in plain sight. Pay close attention or you will miss these story lines.

As we begin this episode, the Dark Army, along with FBI mole Santiago, kills two Fsociety members. After setting up Trenton and Mobley as Iranian plane terrorists, the Dark Army executes Trenton and Mobley. These murders were set up to draw attention away from the Dark Army.

Moving along, Mr. Robot informs Krista of his role as architect of the 5/9 hack. However, Krista isn’t buying it and tells Mr. Robot he has ”delusions of grandeur.” It will take more convincing evidence in order for Krista to believe Mr. Robot.

When… when you surprised me with Five/Nine, I understood your move. A false flag operation, a temporary global crisis to help me pressure the administration into giving you your damn Congo.

Elsewhere, in a therapy session, Mr. Robot brings up the ”conspiracy.” He tells Krista about the 1 percent of 1 percent who have permission to play God. Mr. Robot calls them ”manipulators lining their pockets to have total control” and ”The others. The real string pullers.” Mr. Robot jokingly refers to this as “the conspiracy,” but he really means Evil Corp and the Dark Army are running things.

Meantime, in the session, too, Mr. Robot brings up ”the narrative.” Its a news story Terry Colby, conspiracist and spreader of misinformation, has been pushing on his TV show, at the order of Whiterose, about Tyrell Wellick being the architect of the 5/9 hack. Mr. Robot remarks that Krista and the public have been gobbling it up like candy, even though Mr. Robot and Elliot are the real architects of 5/9 and know the Dark Army ordered Terry Colby to run that story.

When it comes to 5/9, Krista has doubts, so Mr. Robot clues her in. He says Elliot worked at ground zero a.k.a AllSafe. Plus, he hacked Krista. As well,Elliot is out of his mind. Mr. Robot tells Krista to open up her eyes, do the math, and look around, because clearly she’s clueless about what’s really going on.

After Mr. Robot’s revelation to a rather green Krista about 5/9, Krista seeks legal counsel. Counsel advises her she’s bound by doctor/patient privilege. Unless Mr. Robot intents to do something bad in the future, Krista cannot report to the authorities what she learned, or she will lose her licence and practice.

This episode brings out the level of secrecy of Tyrell Wellick, Fsociety, and the Dark Army. The groups had a secret hideout under the Red Wheel Barrel Restaurant. This same hideout appeared nowhere in the blueprints of the restaurant and employees had no clue of what was under their feet. Once again, these groups were hiding in plain sight like Fsociety’s Classic Arcade hideout.

Interestingly enough, the basement itself does not appear on any plans or blueprints reported with the city, so it is possible that Tyrell Wellick and fsociety were operating unbeknownst to the Red Wheelbarrow Barbecue

In summary, I enjoyed a few story lines in this one. First let me say, I thought it was great that Mr. Robot acknowledged all this Dark Army, Tyrell Wellick, Fsociety, Evil Corp trouble was because Mr. Robot and Elliot did not live up to their responsibilities. Plus, the part of Fsociety and Wellick living in secret rooms under everyone’s noses was great. I enjoyed this episode.

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